The Troop Teaser

Titan Preview: The Troop #1

December​ ​9​th​ sees the release ​of Titan's hotly anticipated ​THE TROOP​ #1 -​ ​a ​brand-new ​boundary-pushing ​comic ​series featuring teenage superheroes​ ​​from actor, screenwriter and director, Noel Clarke, with art from rising star Joshua Cas...

We Are Robin #6 Review

The first issue of We Are Robin wasn't bad, but didn’t leave much of a lasting impression. However, as time has gone on, We Are Robin has slowly become somewhat of a sleeper hit in the Batman line. The writing, characters, and artwork have all gott...
Jacked #1 00

Jacked #1 Review

Jacked is a new Vertigo mini-series from the creator of the Supernatural and NBC’s Revolution, Eric Kripke. Teaming up with Watchmen colorist John Higgins, what does this big team have in store for us? Is it good? Jacked #1 (Vertigo Comics)Buy Fro...