I think as comic book aficionados we can agree that there is a metaphysical list in existence that contains all of the “must read” books in the comic industry. These books clearly display why we love comics. Whilst some think we should protect this list, shielding our beloved characters from the insatiable appetites of mainstream media, I feel that we should share their glory upon all who wish to partake. Thus we begin our journey into the Adventures In Poor Taste must-read comic list.

We start with a book that came to my attention years after it had been well popularized. Fables began almost a decade ago in 2002. Written by Bill Willingham and penciled by Mark Buckingham, Fables presents a setting where the worlds of our favorite childhood stories exist in an interconnected multi-verse alongside our own. Through a tragic series of events a majority of those characters– Including Snow White, The Big Bad Wolf, and Little Boy Blue — were forced to flee their homelands and have found a safe haven in, of all places, New York City.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the story from either a friend or some other distinguished Internet site, yet you haven’t picked it up. If I could hazard a guess as to why, my money would be on it’s daunting library. At 15 trade paperbacks and counting, that is both a serious compromise of time and money. But I have to say, it is very much worth it. I mean, it wouldn’t have gotten to that many issues if this wasn’t at least a little bit true, right?

The main draw of this comic is the characters. Having so many at their disposal, the team of Willingham and Buckingham (labeled herein as “team ham”) have selected some of the most interesting of the storybook characters and taken the liberty to adhere multiple creative spins on each.

The Big bad Wolf as both a human and a hero? I can honestly say I did not see that coming.

The story goes places I never imagined when I first began reading. By the end of the third book I was buying somewhere between 1-3 a week so I could read more. It is one of the most enveloping tales I have ever read.

The art is astounding. Buckingham’s character designs and panel layout are some of the best I’ve witnessed. There is also an attention to detail that lets you feel that each page is true artwork, some of which doesn’t even occur in the panels. Sadly, Buckingham does not continuously do the pencils— most likely due to the amount of work that goes into his art— so on occasion you have push through some less gorgeous portrayals. I found those issues to be nothing more than a small speed bump since for the majority the story can pull you through even the worst art.

So my half-hearted description of this famously popular comic book has enticed you to maybe pick it up next time you stop by your nearest comic shop or online retailer? Good. My advice would be to save a bit and buy the first three volumes. I know that can be somewhat of a commitment but I feel that the first book doesn’t fully grab the reader. However, if by the end of book three you aren’t hooked on the interesting plot, the complicated characters and the gorgeous artwork, I would have to say maybe it isn’t for you. I doubt that will happen, though.

  • You’ve taken the time to write this big text and formulate yourself as if you actually know something. And yet, you just don’t understand a thing.

  • Fnhdeuewigfe

    So basically, you wrote a pointless article about your perception of a “Pointless” Game?
    You are a very large idiot.
    This game is more than just “Removing blocks from the terrain”, It’s a way to express your artistic abilities in building the best possible thing you can. This game is an outlet to get rid of your stress, and it teaches you about how life is much more than just going to work, getting money, going home, sleeping, then repeating. This game shows that you can express yourself in such a better way than anything else.  You shouldn’t go writing a bad article about a game you don’t understand, when you’ve never played it. Also, the game costs around 30 bucks, there’s no “15 dollar alpha” or “Free beta” The game is in full release. The game has never been free, and it has never costed even close to $15. Next, there aren’t “3 game modes”. The game is about survival, creativity, and remembering the classic times of playing. Go play the game before showing your true idiotic personality in a large, “Well-thought out” (/Sarcasm) article.

  • Zoltar_32

    please, stop gaming right now.
    go fishing, or to the library. and never, ever write about video games again, thank you.

  • Your_Sanity

    I facepalmed so hard.
    The point of Halo? shoot people.
    the point of Half-Life? solve puzzles, shoot aliens.
    every game has an equally strange point, you just don’t like Minecraft’s.
    Minecraft allows people to not just express themselves, but work for it and play with other people.
    this is no reason to rant about something that you personally do not enjoy. I don’t enjoy Crono-Trigger, but I don’t get such an ego that I think everyone feels this way.

    • Mitch


  • Dmandan2112

    Legos. Minecraft is essentially a very large game of Legos in which you have to mine for the bricks. If this concept of finding blocks and building structures out of said blocks is pointless then how are Legos so popular?  

    • Will

      HELL YEAH!!!!!! NICELY PUT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why write an article one something you don’t understand, just to say you don’t understand it?
    I’m not bashing you or calling you stupid or anything like that. I’m a big fan of Minecraft for too many reasons but mostly people don’t get whats fun about the game till they play it. Have you played it? If I had to best describe why the game is popular, it comes in 2 main reasons. 1: The exploration, learning all that’s possible. 2: Realizing that since the idea is so simple but the amount of things you can do is really unlimited.

    Also people who refer to the graphics as bad, are sure just saying that because the gaming industry now a days is almost a joke. Aside from a few good games we see company spending more time and money on graphics then game play.

    Last thing I want to say is, sure the game has no goal. It’s up to the player to realize their own potential in the world of Minecraft.

  • Wcp8

    The person that wrote this has no creative abilities what so ever, that is why said person talks shit about something so great. The creative abilities of minecraft are limitless, you can build whatever your hearts desire. Hell, I’m going to play right now. STUPID DICK!

  • StopThaHate

    Wow, stop the hatin’ down there… So, he doesn’t understand how awesome Minecraft is. So what? I don’t get what is good in World of Warcraft, and a few million people love it.

    It can be argued that there is no point writing about something you don’t understand. But scientists have been doing that for centuries. And, at the end, he wrote ” It simply baffles me how this found such a following, but maybe it’s
    just something I have to play more in order to understand. And so I

    What else do you need? He doesn’t understand, so he tries to. And he’s just saying that it can be perplexing for the noobie eye to get the fun in the game. Nothing bad. No need to hate.

    Oh, and do not think that I don’t like Minecraft. I love the game, am admin on a server, and actually managed to convince my gf to play. She now has more than 30hrs on it.

    Anyway, just sayin’… Stop hating people, we are all allies in our fight against the creepers!