The 6 Most Annoying League of Legends Players

League of Legends is a free online action real time strategy game that is currently my largest addiction. In the game, you have the option of forming a team before entering the fray with five of your closest friends. If, like me, you have no friends, then your other option is the solo-queue, a Russian Roulette of sorts in which you are randomly paired with four complete strangers. My time in both group and solo queue has revealed that there are several archetypes of annoying LoL players that cannot be denied.

The Over-Pingers

Shit is going down. Either your cohorts are walking into some devious trap set by the opposing team or you just scored an ace and it’s time to push. For times like these, Riot encoded into their fine game a feature that allows you to “ping” a certain area of the map to warn others to either advance or retreat. Of course, what happens when you try to give something nice to anonymous man-children on the Internet? They abuse the fuck out of it.

I don’t know if he wants me to go to Baron or if he’s having a seizure

Listen, buddy, one and done. That’s your new rule. You clicking two dozen times on the same spot in case I missed the first ten Navi-level chimes does not benefit anyone in any way. Hell, half of the time when you’re trying to tell me to retreat I flip a mental coin to see if I should even bother listening to you.

Your excessive clicking is not benefiting the team. If anything, you’re just making your partners hate you. Take your finger away from the hot key and breathe. It’s all going to be okay.

The General Custers

Your team is getting crushed. Hard. Excuses aside, everyone including yourself is getting spanked in every fight you come across. The opposing team has out-farmed you, they’re well fed, and they just took out all three of your inhibitors in a glorious strike while you watched through a monochrome haze waiting to rez. The game is over. To save yourself and others the precious moments of life that you would rather fetter away on a fresh game, you throw up the /surrender. You assume you’ll see the green “yes”s fill up the five slotted bar almost instantaneously, but you don’t.

Two votes in, someone has the audacity to opt for “no”. And then, somehow, his blind tenacity causes that one other precious voter to take up his cause. Two votes against and you’re stuck in the game for an another miserable ten minutes. Some people just don’t know when to quit.

These Custers normally fall into two subcategories. The first is the savior. He’s the only one on your team who has done even remotely decently. Any fight that he is not involved in results in another triple-kill, the villains walking away nearly unscathed. In his delusional mind he just needs to initiate properly. He could take the entire team out if only these n00bs would know how to properly tank and let him work his magic.

The second, more common iteration is the idiot. This guy just doesn’t know when to quit because he is somehow oblivious to how much time he is wasting. With his score in the general range of 2/19/4, he is honestly having a good time and just doesn’t want the fun to end no matter how inconvenient it is to others.

I’ll admit up front that I have been this guy numerous times. I’m sure in every Leaguer’s history there have been one or two games where you just refuse to give up. No matter how many times your partners /surrender you are first to voice your strong opinion of /nosurrender.

“We still have a chance” you spout into the chat log. “We just need to farm up the 5,000g difference between us and our rivals, ace the team that has been crushing us 5v4 for the last 30 minutes, take a quick jaunt over to Baron and then– with our newly acquired buffs– rush to take out all nine of their towers in what will be known as the most glorious comeback in the history of LoL!”

I am all for fighting til the last hit, but it’s best for everyone if you learn the early signs of defeat. If you’re down to your inhibs and they still have every single turret? The game is probably over. Best to just surrender and try harder the next game. You aren’t making any friends in this lost cause.

Internet Tough Guys

We’ve touched on similar subjects in previous articles, but I find that League of Legends boasts its own special brand of anonymous jackass. Not people pretending to be Russian mobsters or delusional, self-proclaimed MMA fighters that “you haven’t heard of yet, but just wait bro,” who used to train everyday with Chuck Lidell, but perhaps just as bad.

It always starts the same, someone on the other team has obtained an obvious advantage in their lane. They’ve gotten a few kills early on and their gold boost has given them a bit of an item advantage. Sure enough, they take out that one still-squishy champ who had no place being where he/she was and in their moment of victory they /all chat something akin to “THAT’S RIGHT! RUN, NOOBS! FEAR ME!”

Really, guy? Of all places to be a total bad ass your choice is to spout intimidations via League of Legends? Do you not have anything else going on in your life?

The bottom line here is that no one is impressed. We’re not impressed by your “amazing” 4/0/2 kill streak and when you start typing out slightly adorable insults most people just end up feeling bad for you.

Maybe if I get a penta-kill dad will forgive me for not signing up for football.

I’m not denying that to be really good at LoL takes time and skill. Furthermore, I loves me some proper trash talking. However, is this game really the thing to be boasting about? Consistently? I fear that too many of these kids are gloating without the self-aware sarcasm that most rational adults maintain. The thought makes me a bit sad.

The Insta-boss

You just joined the queue and that guy is already at it. “Don’t pick twitch. We need a tank. Someone pick tank. Too much AP. You two switch, I’m going to instalock Karthus.” As the ticker slowly counts down to the match start a single thought crosses my mind.

The game starts and your new boss is at it again. “Mundo, lux bot. Pantheon you go top. I got mid. CALL MIAS EVERYONE.” As far as he is concerned, this guy owns you for the next thirty minutes. You are nothing more than his NPCs. He’ll be telling you what spells to pick at what levels. He’s critiquing your build during his time spent dead. He’s giving you orders on how every team fight should be initiated.

Sometimes it’s easier to just give in. Listen to the guy. Give him the satisfaction of being the leader for a few fleeting moments. Most of the time, though, I choose to blatantly ignore every command he gives. Nobody puts baby in the corner.

LoL is about teamwork. No one person can win a match without the help of their teammates (unless they’re Garen). You may have more experience than others and I’m not averse to you sharing wisdom. That being said, no one likes a dictator. Once you enter that solo queue you are joining a 30 minute democracy. Everyone deserves to be heard no matter what their experience level. No one is going to become a peon of some dude they just met on the Internet.

The Mythological Feeder and Word-of-the-Day Insulters

While I find the latter of this dual-category much more annoying, I feel that I need to address the former in the name of context.

Feeding, to my knowledge, is a LoL specific term that represents a teammate who is intentionally dying at the hands of the enemy to give your opponents an advantage. A true-blue gesture of trollism, this person enjoys the idea of infuriating teammates one thousand times more than he or she enjoys actually winning at the game. Is it funny? Yes. While never partaking in the activity myself, I can understand the humor behind it. The only problem? I don’t think feeders really exist.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real “feeder” in my time playing League of Legends. Of course, that doesn’t stop every other person playing the game from shouting this idiom every chance they get.

I think that somewhere around nine out of ten people who get accused of “feeding” are just having a bad game. The term has evolved from labeling a trollish saboteur to someone who just dies a lot. Nevertheless, by the end of the game some ignorant preteen sends out his request: “Guys, report Caitlyn for feeding.”

Some people just don’t match up to your standards. This is exponentially true when you’re getting these people picked out of a virtual hat in a free video game. If I ever meet an honest-to-goodness feeder, I will probably try to image capture undeniable proof, as if I had found a unicorn or the Loch Ness monster. In the mean time, all you can do is quietly ignore those who refuse to save terminology for its proper use.

tl;dr Stop reporting me for feeding.

The Projectionist

The projectionist is another dual-spec douche of the LoL community. His base function is to complain about anything and everything that is happening during a match that he is losing. The common trait being that none of what is occurring is his fault. He normal reveals himself in one of two forms.

The first is the team hater. Sure everyone has died seven or eight times and no one has gotten more than two kills, but it can all be traced back to top feeding their champs. If you were to look at things subjectively, of course, you would notice that the accuser most likely died just as much as those poor souls in top in the same time span. That’s just a simple fact he chooses to ignore. Another funny consistency I’ve noticed is that these guys are almost always mid, and they’re also almost always Ashe.

I don’t know what it is about this character, but she is like a sponge for shit heads.

The second, more delusional and therefore funnier iteration of the Projectionist is the never-give-up trash talker. Your team just dunked your foes. They’re down to inhibitors and the score is somewhere around 27-10 in your favor. Suddenly, this beacon of hate shows himself in /all chat. “Whatever, man. You guys aren’t even good.”

Not even good? Did you see the score? Normally at this point Mr. Hater makes a point to revert back to his first form, blaming his teammates for letting you walk all over them. But before long her returns focus to your team. “You’re not even building right.” Seems to be working out pretty well for me. “I could totally take any of you 1v1.” Real shame it’s a 5v5 game, isn’t it? The poor boy is in denial. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.

We all know that no matter what, haters gon’ hate. I suppose this entire article is just me hating in my own special way. All I want is for everyone to get along with one another.

I’ve had solo queue games where everyone is random and anonymous yet we all had a really fun time. I’m talking stuck-out-tongue emoticons and kind compliments to the opponent for a well orchestrated kill. This game can be a pleasant experience for everyone. You just have to let it be.

And stop clicking so much with the fucking pings. I SEE THAT THEY’RE IN THE BUSHES. CHRIST. ONE AND DONE.

For even more annoying LoL players, check out part 2: 6 More of the Most Annoying League of Legends Players: The Dunning-Kruger Army.

  • Lol

    written by a scrub.

  • Christoph Wagner

    Yeah, you never had those situation where it took 3 retreat-pings for your teammates to finally go back?

  • Sup

    Hey look its a douche bag below

  • Bv310

    The feeder does exist. Thankfully, the Tribunal’s actually doing a good job weeding them out, but I’ve had a small few occasions where someone purposefully runs down mid and suicides into towers. It sucks.

    • There’s the feeder, then there’s the support who sacrificed himself multiple times because the idiot carry keeps getting out of position.

      • I’ve seen true hardcore troll feeders. People may throw the term around but they are real. I got stuck with one in ranked 5 times in a row and dropped my starting elo into hell.

        • Girooo4

           Oh god don’t even say that,  went from a nice early 1350 elo to 1050 because of toughs fuckers during my flux.

          • Guest

            When you have even ONE of those games it’s a good time to lie low for a day or two as they get bored/temporarily suspended. Also keep in mind that different play times and timezones will affect the quality of the players you receive. The demographic of trolls and feeders is largely composed of juveniles, i.e: teenagers.

          • Cho’ GOD

            i will agree to the point about lying low, but i’ve played with multiple teens who play better than most. besides, there are tons of unintentional feeders who just aren’t great at the game. alot of times i have played with people who seemed to be feeders but ended up redeeming with the winning strategy

    • Kfdjhkjf

      First page last post, I believe I have found the source of your feeders.

  • HEy man Well done you really went thru all the aspects of the game xD

  • Paco

    Well said Brendan!

  • Guest123456789

    It lacks The FrenchIf you can give up one team in French

  • Nick

    Best article ive ever seen on League of Legends…

  • guestsomethingsomething

    You forgot those that instantly give up as well.
    And the ping one is situational, you have those that just won’t backoff…

  • Anonymous

    Epic article is epic!

  • Guest

    another low elo baby :)) Learn to play or just leave the game

    • Mr. Up-Yours-Good-Sir


  • youAREwrong

    This article is wrong.
    People are people. Meaning they are human. Humans can make mistakes, and its up to the other people to capitalize on those mistakes in order to win. The “general custer” guy isn’t a douche. The surrender at 20 gg afk guy is.

  • Guest

    I think you have little experience of the whole picture that is solo-que. But that is not the problem, the problem is that you think every LoL game should be democracy, not tyranny. I will follow the random or my team captain if he shows that he has the experience to do so. Better player is best to be followed, or he will screw your game by playing different meta than you!;)

    • Exactly, thank god.

      • Cho’ GOD

        an insta-boss is an insta-boss. just because he is good with his character doesn’t make him a good leader. all that means is he is a good warrior. if a person is sucking but comes up with a good strategy, what would you two do following the above statements? you would deny them the chance to test themselves and listen to the idiot who has gotten a kill more than you but keeps giving stupid ideas

  • Yo it was all fun an games till you said feeders do not exist. I’ve had trolls tell the group their going to feed and then chat tot he enemy were to find them and they die over and over again. I’ve had people die over 30 times in games on purpose. And this 30+ situation happened in ranked. So stop talking shit about something you clearly don’t understand. 

  • Lithorz

    2 things,
    First: The 7th type of worst person is the one that when he is at the end of the game and his nexus is destroyed he say “NOOBS” to the victorious team…
    Second: Its Caitlyn XD not Caitlin
    Good post anyway… just add my first point 😛

    • Flamingoes

      It always just amuses me when I hear that. it’s like, ‘heeheehee you are so mad right now’ ‘i just made that really negative toxic person mad, heeheehee’

  • Vystic

    You should make a counter article, on the best persona’s in League of Legends. In it please include the reverse of the insta-boss. You know that guy who instead of ramming his perspective down your throat gives reasonable suggestions(not commands) to the team and tries to problem solve against the enemy team with you. 

    • Pegasus

      And the tanks and supports! Nobody ever gives them credit 🙁 My brother is an amazing LOL player but also a team player, who loved playing support.
      But because of all the douchebags he is completely bitter and hateful towards the game. A lot of guys are just trying to get the most kills, instead of playing as a team.

  • phreak

    i think the worst is the 1 player who is obviously way better than everyone on the team and is going something like a 5:1 kd ratio while everyone else on the team is 0/10 and he/she also has taken every tower their team has gotten, tried to control jungles, buffs, dragons and actively coaching the team to win.

    because as one of the other 4 you never feel worse that youre suckiness is causing that really good person to lose.

    • Katamori

      i’ve had games like that lol

    • Then learn from them and get better.

      • Cho’ GOD

        not every character is the same jackass. not every strategy will work, which you would know if you were to actually play League

  • Trololo

    If ashe is a sponge to noobs, you really need to get better yourself, ashe is played by low elo players as an easy to play champ and by high elo players as a good CC-er. IJS

  • Teemo

    True feeding is rare, but it does exist… I had a game where the game began with Cho’gath going from mid to top, and dieing. The two people top followed suit. We had 2 or 3 deaths before minions spawned. The game went on with everyone on the team except me blindly running to their deaths whenever they spawned, while I told All chat “If I get 1 kill, I consider this a win.” The game ended with my score 1/1/0, and our team score 53 kills for them, 3 for us. (The Cho’Gath got a double kill the ONE life he attacked the enemy, because they just pushed straight from 1st turret to our inhib turret without stopping or healing).
    Now I am sure some of this was due to lack of skill, such as the Amumu who was summoner level 1, but most of them were level 15+, and the Cho’gath was trolling HARD in chat the whole game.

    That said, after the game, the enemy team said “report everyone but teemo”(me) and 2 of them sent me friend requests for being a good sport (not raging).

  • I dont really agree with the 1 and 2 points for ”
    The General Custers” I for one dont surrender unless there is an afk on the team, just because Ive come back on plenty of occasions from as low as 5-20 kills, with dragons, ect. So I always think there’s a chance unless we have that afk. The other reason I don’t really surrender is I always seem to be “the savior” with the good k/d, and when there are two or more people who just feed and feed, go with a horrible build, then call everyone else bad and gay, then spam “ZOMG SURRENDAR FAGGOTZ JEEZ U ALL SUK” with the 2-5928-0 k/d, I feel like 1) I dont want to reward the bads with a short, painless game, and 2)More time in this game mean less time they spend in the queue ruining other people’s days.

    • jack

      yeah I hate it when somebody in a lane gets killed 2 or 3 times and imediately they start saying GG these people are the ones that lose faith after the game is 12-20 or with a slight diference. sure a fed darius is a headache but nothing a good counter build can’t fix. I have won games where all that stands is 1 inhibitor. sure when the game is 2-30 is almost sure it can’t be won but a slight diference and these people start hitting surrender just cause the aced us once but somebody in our team did a triple kill.

      • LoL Pro

        Not sure if the math makes sense here lol

      • PentaJamin

        1 inhibitor = possible you get more gold
        2 inhibitors = you are fighting enemy team with baron now, good luck with that.
        3 inhibitors = unstoppable winions you have lost

    • Andy Wood

      Agreed, my mates and I have come back from some crazy games, fall back, build your defensive lines and eat minions until that kill / death deficit means nothing anymore. 1 mistake late game can even things up.

      • Flamingoes


    • Dude, seriously, you don’t own people’s time. You don’t own people. You’re clearly the insta-boss. People have lives and shit they HAVE to take care of aside from this game. Saying that you think you’re controlling them just shows how arrogant you are. Please uninstall and go play SimCity.

      • Ghugh

        Shawn your dumb, your not forcing anyone to be in the game, Alt+f4, esc->endgame. You dont HAVE to play if you dont want.

      • Cho’ GOD

        if you seriously want to get out of the game that bad, afk. from your attitude i would say your team is better off anyway. by the way, if a person absolutely needs to leave, he can just say so and everyone but the insta-boss will understand.

        also, you’re a jackass who doesn’t understand when a person is giving a fair opinion. i would be a hypocrite but your “opinion” is stupid, pointless, and douchey. good day, sir

        • PentaJamin

          When you are down 30+ some odd kills, you have no dragons, and you are missing an inhib, the game is over i’m sorry. More intelligent people know it, and get sick of people wasting their time and energy trying to win a futile game. There is nothing worse than sitting at a computer for an hour and a half and losing a game. Fucking kids man

      • Flamingoes

        I for one am a lot more understanding if someone needs to go because they have a life and a job and work to get to (If that’s the case, I always surrender or do whatever needs to be done to finish quick, or forgive the afk), versus they’re just being a wimp.

        • PentaJamin

          Coming back and winning a game you are down in kills with is very possible and i’ve done it. It requires a team cooperation effort and this just does not happen in every game. Learn when to hold em, learn when to fold em guys and if you think you cannot win, you likely cannot.

      • PentaJamin

        Bro you are so right, i get so fucking pissed when people want to sit there and try their hardest waiting hours defending against a winning team. Like its been an hour bro, 2 inhibs down and im sick playing this LOL

    • Joey Acero

      Found the Genearl Custer.

    • PentaJamin

      Sometimes people dont want to play and hour and a half game. Over 45 minuets is ridiculous, so long you forget the game you started…. like oh yeah im still playing this game FUCK

      • Arth Vex

        So don’t play league.

  • The Creeper

    IProjectionist doesn’t count if they have xin/trynd and or jax. They’re just too bullshit going from meh th OMGWTFBBQ HE’S UNKILLABLE.

  • Mattubic

    Anyone posting negative comments needs to check your shit.  These are real people that exist and if you disagree, you are likely one of them.  If you don’t have the basic observational skills to pick these assholes out of each match, you take the game much too seriously if you aren’t over 2k elo

  • Guest

    You forgot the poor,uneducated,south east asian and their children.

  • Sturoxsox

    I dont agree with the the 2nd point. I’ve come back from really bad games like that.

  • Megaman

    Terrible article, sub 1500 scum.

  • Bobby

    I love it. Even with Skyrim out people are arguing about this amazing game.

  • Stephen

    Yeah, I will freely admit to being a General Custer. Simply because I have come back from having lost everything. Nexus turrets and all. But the longer the games go, the higher the chances you have (albeit not very high) that u can win. At 50 mins, if you ace them and your AD carry has gotten any form of damage, you probably win. And this has happened to me enough times I only surrender if my team is just being a royal pain, not in play, but in verbage

  • Ick

    I’m a General Custers and proud!

    Toughen up princesses, fight defencely and take it like a man.

    • jack

      yeah bitch winter is comming!!!!!!

    • Flamingoes


      Princesses > let’s surrender early wimps. I feel slightly insulted on the princesses behalf that they are compared to those give-uppers. Take it like a woman, taste Princess Zelda’s steel (have you seen that game, lol) and toughen up. How you gonna strategy if you give up too soon?

      You know, there are not enough battle cries in this game. BATTLE CRIES ARE AWESOME.


  • NobodyKnowZ

    man… hav a vision of loll that i never saw guy this article shoud be placed on the official forums for everyone to read

  • i agree with them all >:(

  • Good article. I agree with every point except for “The General Custers”. I don’t believe in giving up, ever. When you give up, you have zero chance of winning. You will always have a chance of winning if you don’t give up. Plus, you can always learn something, even in a losing game.

    In one game, our team was losing. The other team has destroyed all three of our inhibitors. However, at the end we turned it around using unplanned/undiscussed strategy (solo queue): 1) Annie defended our base; 2) team fight in the mid lane, which served as a distraction; 3) I pushed the bottom lane during the distraction. When I have almost pushed to the base, another team member came down from the team fight to help. We won the game a few minutes after when things looked grim.

    Giving up is for suckers.

    • jack

      I agree I have backdoored many many times with teemo and all the other team can do is sit and watch. i’ve even sold everything and rebuilt just for the back door attack. I have won games that have a 1% success rates thanks to backdoor teemo or backdoor shaco.

      • What do you build for “prime backdooring”?

        • riquelme375

          did it with xin. sell everything, stack runaan/zephyr.
          tons of attack speed and movement speed.

      • PentaJamin

        Out of how many games you were losing in did you come back to win. perhaps 1/10.

        So you sit at your computer for an extra 45 minuets for 9 extra games and still lose those games? You’re not very smart are you

    • Surrendering allows players to get out of a bad situation so they can play another match or take care of their actual life stuff. You know, that stuff outside your front door?

      • ShawnSucks

        Just close the bloody game then. If you care more about IRL that’s what you’d do.

    • riquelme375

      i understand what you mean. never to surrender while you have yi on your team.

      • LoL Pro

        well surrendering is the best choice if that yi is the main one that fed

        • PentaJamin

          thornmail > yi everyone knows that

    • Pentajamin

      bro giving up is for smart people who dont want to spend 2 hours at a fucking computer and still lose. You are they type of player that makes peoples backs hurt, then talks shit when you lose like its all your fault. BRO, the game was over after they got their 5th dragon

    • John Doe

      The greatest generals of all time knew how to surrender and live to fight another battle… but you, on the other hand, think you’re more of a strategist than the generals who have fought in basically EVERY SINGLE WAR THAT HAS EVER OCCURRED. Moron.

      • Chuck Elliott

        See, generals who surrender save their armies. The army lives to see their families again. In league, surrendering only saves you 10 minutes

  • NordicBeserkr

    “‘I could totally take any of you 1v1.’ Real shame it’s a 5v5 game, isn’t it?”Great article, but that sentence pisses me off haha. Most of the time when I say that (In Skype or out loud, not in gamechat) it’s because I know I could destroy the guy on your team that’s typing /all “HAHA GET OWNDE!” “IDIOTS!” “YOU SUCK!”, whilst he’s got the lowest K/D/A….25 CS and is building horribly.

  • the projectionist

    but what do you do about the fail players?- no map awareness, feed and dont surrender, follow online builds step by step meaning dont know how to build situational and getting fucked over and over resulting in GG and u blame them and they think they are right.

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  • Newbieception

    So many articles, in-game comments etc.on this matter, yet none of those douchebags has taken a lesson… They still keep annoying people…

  • The cat

    i do get your points here and i agree but when i get a team that is dying alot or just not helping win at all it is pretty annoying… and worst thing is its normally the players that do badly that throw out all the abuse. When i get a game whre every at least tries to help teamfights, doesnt run into 1v5 battles and doesnt constantly say stop feeding/ you suck/ pings all the time it really stops me caring whether i win or lose cause its a fun game either way

  • Gofuckyourself

    Good to know you suck huge dick at this game.

  • Xextreem

    Ok ok its true almost everything but he its a kid or “teen” game dont hate the kids /ignore ftw.

  • the feeders are real. trust me, they exist

  • Randomized

    I disagree with 4 of these points…. Two were already touched on but the point called insta boss is really skewed. One person can without a doubt carry a game. How do you think Crs Njacky went 38-0 on his smurf. And those people who are usually commanding and tell everyone what the plan is, are doing something everyone else should be doing but just doesn’t.

  • Znuff

    Hate to break your bubble –

    I made an account called “i-feed-you” (or something similar) with the only purpose of feeding the opposite team.

    It’s SO FUN to see nerds rage about it! Then they all want to surrender, and I go “lol no”. FUN FUN FUN!

    It’s like, I’m feeling that a vein is about to pop in their head!

    • Cho’ GOD

      ummm… not sure how to feel about this

  • Rake

    When fiddle build 5 boots of mobility and respawns to walk up to turrets nad makes sure to get hit by enemies

  • qqer

    you’re retarded.

  • league sucks

    Honestly my team always sucks. You’re gonna call me a hater, but i dgaf. Cause honestly, when the system pairs me up with people completely suck, I have the right to blame my team. When you have 20 kills out the the 25 on your team, and the opposing team has 30 kills, you can blame your team. ffs…. Can’t carry hard enough >.> I hate this game.

  • Adrian

    A mean girls reference! Love it and agree completely!

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  • What about the ones that join a game, die a few times and then “sorry guys i have to go to school/work” i mean what the hell didnt you plan this knowing a game can take upwards of 30 mins?

    • or the enemy team just got aced, its you are the only survivor and you barely lived, less than 300hp, and from the dead you hear “end it fast i have to go” no one believes this BS anymore, if u needed to go so badly you would just leave.

  • Some of the points in this article are shit, and you should really sober up if you intend to play this game on any serious or competitive level. Not to mention you backtrack alot in each point.

    Number 3 is especially ridiculous. If you see someone doing better than you, FUCKING LISTEN TO THEM, FOR CHRIST’S SAKES! They’re clearly doing something you are NOT, or vice versa! It’s almost fantastical to know how many people will sit there @ 2/12/3 when me or someone else is at 14/1/8 and it’s buckle-down time….and not listen to anything they have to say. “DUDE SERIOUSLY FUCK YOU THIS IS MY FIRST TIME AS NASUS I WANNA HAVE FUN AND PLAY HIM MY WAY!” That mentality ruins the game for at least 1 other person on your team and leads to morale loss, period.

    • Cho’ GOD

      you know, i once saw something about being able to tell vegetarians from others and the main theme was that they would let you know. you just did the same for insta-boss. thanks

  • Ask your mom

    You missed the Polish people, can’t play for shit!

  • Fatboi998

    I remember the only real “Feeder” I’ve seen, after dying once in lane, they declared to us that the game was definitely over, and proceeded to run down mid lane over 10 times right past 1 sometimes 2 towers to give the enemies free kills while spamming “Lol you guys suck” in our chat. The honest to god funniest part of this story is that even with this support nidalee trash that can only manage to click and run in one direction, we still manage to keep a gold lead and push their turrets being at more than a 4v5 disadvantage, once the nidalee saw we were at the inhibs she stopped being as much of a moron and just shut up and played the game, we won 10 minutes later.

    • Fatboi998

      Also I’ll say I can be a little bit of a projectionist, I’ve been working on it for a while, it gets so frustrating when you’re trying your darndest to carry a game and someone that just doesn’t really know how to play the game is sitting in bottom dying over and over not even sitting on his turret to farm, just running into lane and hitting the enemies until they kill him, he swears he’s not intentionally feeding but I can’t help but feel mad that this person is bringing down my elo (in the case of ranked) and it seems there is little to nothing I can do to make this person less bad at LoL. I’ve come far enough that I won’t say bad things in chat to people anymore, instead I take out my frustrations by swearing under my breath to myself or telling someone in teamspeak. The only thing I haven’t been able to get over / never will not get totally pissed at is AFK, if you join a game, to sit in the same spot for 20 minutes and ruin 4 peoples games, in my opinion that’s just the worst possible thing you could do (aside from being a legit feeder).

    • Niaz Palak

      I saw an only real feeder in 2 consecutive games. He/she says nothing. Just picks jinx and runs through mid the entire game. Sometimes she shoots ult but that’s it. she died more than 40 in each game. :/

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  • Guest

    Whoever wrote this article comes across as an annoying person.

  • feeder³

    good article, few flaws

  • riquelme375

    i usually try to be the calm person in the team. to make jokes for us and the enemy team so that everyone can have a nice time (rainbowwwwwwww).
    that ONE TIME i play ashe… i start feeding and raging. ONE TIME! also against mid ashe as lux… she got so pissed i started laughing about just focusing her. ashe…

  • Alex

    I just read 2 or 3 of the annoying players and I joined a raked match.I played and the bot lane was feeding , those guys playing with Nida and Caitlyn , Cait end with 2/14 , i reported her for feed then I read the rest of the article and somwhere you said “report Caitlyn for feed” and i was saying something like HOW THE FUCK DID HE KNEW WHO WILL GET REPORTED IN MY TEAM?!?!!?

    • Cho’ GOD

      lol… just… lol

  • Ilikebicycle

    you’re a faggot

  • DCvS

    don’t play ranked if your gonna quit! All it takes is a ACE and you win the match SIMPLE STOOPID

  • Kody

    Some of this articles points are valid points, but really, most of it’s just an asshole ranting.

    1. While I agree that excessive pinging can get annoying, most of the time one ping isn’t enough. For whatever reason some people have horrible tunnel vision and just don’t pick up on one ping. That’s great that you do, but the games not just about you ;).

    2. I run into plenty of “General Custers” and it’s extremely frustrating; however, why should they have to ruin their experience in the game because you don’t want to play anymore? That’s the thought process I use when i’m getting frustrated at having to finish a losing game to the end because of someone like this.

    You agreed to play a match. Just because you stopped enjoying yourself doesn’t mean everyone else in the match has to agree to stop. Get over yourself. If you really aren’t interested in playing this match any more then afk and take your reporting like a man. Don’t bitch about someone finishing a match they’re enjoying for one reason or another.

    3. Feeding isn’t a term that came about from LoL. In fact, there really isn’t any terms that were created by LoL. It’s part of a genre of games that has been around for ages (Dota being one of the earliest hugely popular ones). LoL is merely one of the new iterations of the genre.

    4. Most of your other complaints are just the extremes of the majority of players you’ll come across in LoL. When you come across these extreme versions it sucks, but in reality their are just as many of them that are right as there are wrong. I’ve seen plenty of games where one guy was wrecking, but ended up on the losing side because of one horrible ally. I’ve both been that horrible ally and been the one trying to carry.

    In the case of being the horrible ally, it sucks that you were tossed into a match of players above your skill level and things turned out this way. In the case of being the one carrying, it sucks to sit there are lose to people you were previously wrecking because of one bad player.

    So, with that all of that being said, this article brings out the seventh most annoying league player. That asshole who thinks he’s more intelligent than the other players. He’s so smart that he can easily toss someone into one of the few categories he’s come up with and attach other stereotypes to you based off of it. That asshole is you.

  • TrialBoy

    Really funny….but your definition of feeding is not what most players see it as. Feeding is when your adc goes 0/7 in 15mins…..whether intentional or not.

  • randomdude

    Still LoL sucks

  • Krystal

    Great article….but u missed one the most annoying one……The… I wouldn’t call it an afk’er it’s somewhere along the lines of “Doing Nothing at Base While Raging”…..Yes it actuallyhappens :/ “What you can’t report me for not wanting to feed” =.= wtf srsly? We’re gonna report you for afk or negative attitude or not cooperating with the damn team o^o You’re lucky we’re only reporting once if you don’t want to feed then leave we might have a better chance knowing it’s 4v5 =.=

  • CrystallineTears

    I’d have to argue against the “mythological feeder” aspect of this article. I’ve had a the one random on our team attempt to feed to 50 deaths. At game start he bought boots and ran straight to the enemy nexus to die. He repeated this till we surrendered (with him voting no) at 20:00. At the post game screen he insulted us and declared that he now had to try to die enough times in the next game and that we wasted his time!

  • hatersop

    you sound like a bronze retard LMAO spend less time criticizing the six categories and just play

  • dude

    the problem with the one and done pings is people are blind/deaf and they dont listen to pings so u do about 3 maybe 4 of them to make sure they see it.

  • Feeding4Lyfe

    I feed intentionally. It’s hilarious. About to do it right now

  • dontremember

    never surrender .

    hate crying assholes

    *enemy team got first blood
    avarage rager mid player : SURENDER AT 20 NUBZ FUCK U FEEDERS

    *got pawned at bot
    avarage asshole raging adc : FUCK YOU JUNGLER UR NOOB WE LOST CUS OF YOU

    *fizz just jumped solo on a full team and died after being pinged the fuck off and said millions of times dont go alone : OH GOD GUYZ WHERE ZE FUCK ARE YOU FUCK U THE GAME IS LOST SURRENDER AT 20

    leauge of legends community just sucks huge peniz

  • Vojond
  • No surrender ever

    I admit that I am the “Over-Pinger” and “General Custer”.
    “Over-Pinger” first because some people just DOESN’T LISTEN, and just HAD TO CHASE WAY TOO FAR INTO ENEMY JUNGLE(nine out of ten ends up dead). Sorry I type slow, a ping is the fastest way to get my point across.
    I’m a “General Custer” because of a no-surrender vow I made a long time ago, sorry not going to break that for one game. Besides, who knows what will happen before the game ends. I’ve seen a team come back when their nexus had like not even a hundard hp left. Anything can happen as long as the game contiunes.
    Also, I disagree with “no real feeder”. How long have you been playing League? How do you not see a real feeder? Cause they’re super easy to identify.
    I’ve seen plenty of real feeders, on both enemy team and my team, that runs right into the enemy team multiple times and die on purpose. One of the feeders even brought it up the the next level, he began telling us WHERE HIS TEAMMATES ARE.

  • Flamingoes

    I’m the no-surrender gal, and for me, the people who surrender are the ones who annoy me. The people who decide to give up. (The only time I voluntarily surrender is when someone has afk’d, or someone actually needs to go) Because they a) surrender waaaay too early, when there is a chance to turn the game around, and then when there is an opening don’t take advantage of it because their morale is already pretty low. Sometimes they surrender when we’re freaking winning, half their turrets are down, we haven’t even team fought once (and mostly it’s cause they got killed by their lane dude a few times, but the other lanes are fed and the the enemy team’s turrets are pushed.) or b) it really is a lost cause but you still can put up a darn good show and have fun learning how to play your champ in that situation and upping your skill and your teamwork so that next time, you really *can* turn that situation around.
    And how the heck is losing a game a waste of time? How are you going to learn how to fight back when the game is being lost and turn it around if you don’t know how to fight when it is being lost? You also get to learn how to position your champion better and use them better in a bad situation. If playing your champ isn’t fun, then why are you playing that champ? It’s also a crowning moment of awesome when you put up a show of utter badassery at the finish. Come on, the battle of Gondor and all of the LOTR battles were lost causes. And they were epic. Also, I’ve had a fun time losing games— it’s really possible to have fun losing games- we’ve shouted battle cries, got a penta kill on them, before we lost. We at least put up a good show and had fun, and surrendering like wimps is not going to cut it.

    People who fall into the habit of surrendering often don’t make those turnaround games, because the minute things go badly they just give up like wimps. Hopefully they don’t apply that kinda mentality to real life.

    The other people who annoy me are the overly negative people who tell you to shut up for no reason, which have been mentioned. Overly negative people who give up early, back talk their teammates, keep saying we’re going to lose when we’re not– get the entire team thinking that way, and then surrender, again, too early, because the morale was not high enough. Or they abuse their teammate and then that teammate just doesn’t want to deal with the team and doesn’t play as well, or everyone doesn’t play their hardest because they think it’s impossible. I really don’t mind it when the enemy team gets mad at you though, because … this may be a little bad of me, but it kind of gives you a little bit of pleasure that you are doing so well that they’re mad at you. It’s not healthy for them, but you know because the chaos is happening and those negative people are blaming everybody that that team’s teamwork and gameplay is definitely going to fall apart. But those negative people are the seeds to internal chaos, which, unless you get them in a positive mindset, usually means you’re going to lose. Unless everyone is extremely fed and negative.

    Oh yeah, and the homophobes and racists on there, but you know, that’s a different scale of annoyance.

    No offense to anyone, but to my mind, when you’ve given up, you’re just a bunch of pathetic wimps. The person who has been killed 500x (Of course, this applies to actual giving up, not ‘I have something more important to do than League of Legends like job or picking up my kid and I should go do it so I hope the game ends fast) You know what is a waste of time? Waiting in the queue for a game. By surrendering, you’re wasting MY time, of which I can’t play a lot of games per day anyway.

  • cedric

    now dont get me wrong i hate a dictator as much as the other guy but i do take the lead in my games evry good team has atleast one leader who makes objective desicions and team fighting strats but some ppl take it too far like talking bad bout ppls build or spell max’s without a great leader a team is cleuless and wont be able to do anything unless evry lane’s skill is better then the enemy’s lane like yust now (example) we where loosing and enemys took 2 inhibtors and started backing i as the leader in the game (yasuo) said we shoud rush baron (as the enemys where backing and no chance of getting to baron before we took it), to try to end and so we did i told them the listend we team fighted won and ended the game .

    • cedric

      and about the term ‘feeding’ ive seen many feeders like this one game where all my jungle nautilus did was spawn walk in my lane into enemy turret die spawn repeat ….

  • Joey Acero

    General Custers are the worst of all these types.

  • lol is horrible

    LoL might be the worst game ever made for how it basically takes the worst, trash-talking, self-aggrandising macho idiots in the world by the hand and says “here, this is a place for you. We’ve got arbitrary numbers and DPS stats out the ass in this game, plus more things to make up stupid abbreviations for than you could ever imagine. You’re going to love it! Don’t forget to call everyone a faggot as often as possible”

    Shit game, shit community.

  • Temo

    Hello! Thank you for your article. I’d like to try to compare it to my previous experience of learning polish lessons through Skype on online classes for free. I did around 10 conversations over Skype with a native speaker from And I was pretty satisfied with their Quality. I think they have a strong teaching quality,They teach in a way any kid will easily understood.Following their course curriculum now I can speak polish like a native , but I Want to try another option.

  • Amr Dahman

    a stupid boss

  • Jin

    I’m sometimes the one that refuses to quit. Though it’s not either of those reasons, it’s something more petty.

    If the person initiating the surrendur happens to have been bitching and whinging all game about how horrible his team is – especially despite REALLY doing no better than anyone else, I make a point to bitterly press no just to trap him in it longer.

    With pings, I do two. ._. Always. One so I know they hear it and two to make sure they saw where it was just in case. Maybe like eight if their jungler is running bot in a fully warded river and our adc is still giving the enemy tower a hug like goddamn get out of there man. However if I go to take farm no one is taking or I try to take my blue and the adc wants it for some reason and he pings fall back in me twelve times when I’m not even hitting the damn thing SO FUCKING HELP ME

  • Eric Valkenaar

    you honestly dont play league very much if you have never seen an intentional feeder. i had this duo a couple weeks back actually that in all chat spammed some stuff about enjoying freelo. next thing i know these two people run under mid turret and stand there. this happens over and over again until the enemy is up like 50-5 or something stupid. the best part was these two guys decided to not surrender so the enemy decided to do some stat boosting for their profile. worst 40 min of my life.

  • Dutchie

    This article was obviously made by an bronze 5

  • Markus

    You forgot THE FRENCH PLAYERS.
    Worst players ever, a bot can play better than them, and they will ALWAYS blame others for their faults.
    They never talk in english so no one will ever understand their retarded language, and they will feed EVERY SINGLE GAME.