Pigma goes too far and prevents Fox from being able to go on.. What could he have possibly done to set Fox off the deep end?

About The Author

Russ Whiting

Russ has been writing for leisure in some shape or form since he was in third grade; making crudely fashioned novellas about abominable snowmen, murderous penguins, generic Phantom of the Opera ripoffs, and time travelers inexplicably wearing motorcycle helmets to sell to his fellow students when every other boy his age was presumably catching frogs, kissing girls and being normal. He enjoys self-deprecating humor, roaring like a savage primate for no good reason, reading about various cultures’ creation myths, and origami (of his own penis).

  • DonBurgundy

    I truly loved killing Pigma after hearing him squeal those dastardly words.  Damn filthy pig.