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Is It Good? Avengers vs. X-Men #9 Review

Spider-Man has been relatively absent from the tumultuous drama in Avengers vs. X-Men and really only sticking around as a background character. Over the last month however, Spider-Man has been given the task of training Hope. Judging by this cover however, Spider-Man is going to be the main player in Avengers vs. X-Men #9. In a comic about gods can the living pulse of Marvel be pertinent? For that matter, is it good?

Avengers vs. X-Men #9 (Marvel Comics)

Wakanda is destroyed, the heroes are being imprisoned in a literal hellhole in the ground and their backs are to the walls. After defeating Namor last issue the Phoenix Four are now even stronger. Oh great, perfect timing for Spider-Man to assume responsibility. In his tutelage of Hope, Spidey makes the point that, when you’re an Avenger and your number is called… you better be ready. Sort of like a soldier. Based on this issue Spider-Man’s number comes up and it’s all on his shoulders.

Whose idea was it to make the pyramids into swiss cheese?

Jason Aaron is on script duty here and does a nice job balancing the moral dilemmas and action. Anyone reading this for the epic fighting scenes should be wary as it’s heavy in the dialogue department. This issue cuts between important moments so well you won’t notice though. It’ll be interesting to read this in a trade paperback, considering the first few issues were nearly all action and now all of a sudden it’s all about choices and motivations and blah blah blah. The wonky pacing of this series will be even more evident in a compilation.

Famous last words.

It makes sense then, to have Andy Kubert on pencils. Something about his style lends to the dialogue heavy comic. Look at his work on Batman with Grant Morrison a few years back and you’ll know what I mean.

The ears of a god and he’s still losing his hearing.

Part of the fun of this series, at least for the last few issues, is the implications of the Phoenix Five losing their humanity. Namor will most definitely be charged with destroying Wakanda, Emma appears to be turning back into a villain and Magik is so far gone I can’t see how she’d not be a new villain. One could argue they’re all under some sort of drunk fog and can’t control themselves… but let’s hope not. Judging by big comic events in the past any changes will probably be blown away in six months. Sad.

Ew on both counts.

For instance, Magik in the above image has not only made a whale into some sort of whale-crab abomination, she’s also got tentacle raping beasts chilling with our heroes who are webbed up like sex slaves. Going to be hard to make her a hero again after this one.

Charles Xavier using his horseshoe crab psi-blades.

Nobody will be talking about those things though. No, they’ll be talking about Spider-Man’s excessive beating. There are some panels that are grotesque and almost too brutal. Despite this, I kept thinking during these scenes, “Well, the Phoenix power can erase death so it’s no biggy.”

Is Spider-Man made of Jell-o?

Even though he put himself in this position it’s a nice heroic moment for Spider-Man. That said it’s a little sad he has to be reduced to a punching bag in order to make a difference as an Avenger.

What is this hop on pop?

This is a good, but not great issue. Marvel appears to think the readers need extra, extra confirmation the Phoenix Five are in the wrong. With 3 issues to go I’m not sure there’s much more they can say in order to prove how evil the heroes have become. That said in the shadow of the Phoenix Five losing their cool, Cyclops comes out of this even more of a hero than before. No wonder he’s part of the Avengers when Marvel NOW! ships in a few months. It is a little peculiar that he doesn’t notice his Phoenix teammates losing their s--t.

Gratutius sound effects!

Check back here later today to see if this issue is good enough for our 10 dollar budget.

Is It Good?

It squeaks by.


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