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Zenescope Entertainment has big plans and they’re about to start blowing up in Godstorm #1. The story begins in Godstorm #0 and Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Annual which are both written by Pat Shand. To check out an interview with Patrick Shand click here and to peer into the mind of a Zenescope editor check out our interview here.

Godstorm #0 (Zenescope Entertainment)

Release Date: September 26th

The actual story in this issue is 12 pages long, with a 9 page preview of Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Annual filling out the rest of the issue. The preview is for an issue that came out a few weeks back and more than likely you’ll be able to find it on the shelves. They work together nicely, as this issue reveals Zeus’ personal feelings towards his children, good or bad, god, demigod or mortal, while the preview showcases Venus building an army. Zeus has been out of the game for sometime now and this issue serves to show a side of his personality as he reminisces about his children.

Zeus’ perspective is a unique one.

Writer Pat Shand does a good job with his version of Zeus. He appears realistic and not like some archetype or cliche, which I imagine is a huge success considering it appears he’ll be the driving force of Godstorm. Given it’s only 12 pages long it’s actually surprising how well paced the story is cutting between narrative and action nicely.

The pencils by Jason Johnson lend themselves well to the content.

Having Zeus peruse his gallery of memories, figuratively and literally, also adds a sense of history. Obviously Zenescope is just now starting this story, but you already get a sense that things matter.

The pencils by Jason Johnson do a good job supplying a detailed yet cartoony look to Zeus and his memories, which aid in imbuing a sense of fo-reality I think a story like this requires.

Sad Zeus is so very sad.

Overall this is a good, albeit short first issue. It’ll cost you $2.99 for 12 pages of new story, which is a tad steep, but you do get the preview, although if you have already purchased it as I have you’ll probably feel a little slighted. This issue is largely a success, mostly because you get a sense that this series is going to be really good. Things are slowly coming together and if the introduction can be this successful the main series won’t be too far off in the quality department.

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  • Benjamin Sawyer

    Any comments on the coloring style or quality? I guess you didn’t say anything negative, so that’s at least a sign I did a passing job.

    • David Brooke

      Looked great Ben! The marble on the floor particularly. The Krzzz panel was delectable. Will you be doing the entire Godstorm series?

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