Could it be a win win for fans, as Deadpool gets a new creative team due to Marvel Now! in the comic publisher reboot-pocalypse? If you’re unfamiliar with new Deadpool writer Brian Posehn, take a look at this photograph:

Not ringing any bells? Okay, Google The Sarah Silverman Program or go rent The Five-Year Engagement. In both the man is drop dead funny and we can only hope that comedy will translate into the Deadpool universe. So we got a funny new writer, Tony Moore on pencils, but as far as the comic book as a whole goes, is it good?

Deadpool Vol. 4 #1 (Marvel Comics)

What says “comic book” more than politics? Oh…those two don’t go together? Well, Deadpool begs to differ. This issue introduces a world where Republicans and Democrats can’t get along, progress is stilted and some magic nitwits think the best way to bring the country together is to bring back the undead presidents. So you know, pretty much how reality is today save for the presidents. Of course, S.H.I.E.L.D. can’t be having Captain America beating up presidents. Think of the media outcry! Who do you think could possibly kill these presidents, have no shame in getting his hands dirty and clean up this new patriotic mess?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the ex-Presidents wanted to destroy this country.

Right up front you know the plot of this new series is completely bonkers, which can only improve and enhance the humor in this book. With the visual gags pretty much writing themselves, all you need is a wise-cracking, one liner-crazed Deadpool to grace its pages.

New bumper sticker should read, “Homeless people: the American way, the American Solution.”

Deadpool is probably the best hero to ever crack wise, largely because even he doesn’t take the s--t he says seriously. His ability to break the fourth wall and also comment on the ludicrousness of his situations helps add levity to the overly serious comic book format. He does so quite a bit in this issue and for the most part all the dialogue works.

So I guess Deadpool is for Obamacare then?

Writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn do a great job inserting one liners wherever they can in the issue. It’s as if Deadpool is doing stand up and the stage is the panels. There are at least ten good one liners which range from laugh out loud funny to so bad they’re good.

Finally somebody calls out the improv-everywhere hero.

Over the last few years the standard Deadpool comic has carried the format of getting ‘Pool into a crazy overly complicated situation and then watching him get out of it. A joke here or there keeps things light, but the complicated plot was the driving force. This issue however strays away from that and instead keeps things clear and light. Deadpool has a job to do, now let’s see him do it.

Scumbag we need! I’d like that tattooed on my arm.

It’s also evident Tony Moore is a step up for the Deadpool series. Not to say it’s been terribly drawn, but the series hasn’t had a regular artist (not to mention the number of fill-in artists who have underperformed) of this caliber for a long time. There isn’t a panel wasted in this issue, the detail is clear and concise and the composition of the page doesn’t stutter or skip a beat. Something this series has consistently needed for a while.

Zombie strippers solve all problems.

The issue also contains little visual jokes not necessarily referenced by the dialogue. For instance, FDR comes back to life and I’m curious where he got the wheelchair…

…that five year old is probably missing those wheels.

It’s a good possibility this issue will make it into the ComiX Weekly 10 dollar budget later today. It’s fun, interesting, and is always throwing new jokes at you in every panel. Deadpool hasn’t been this good in all phases for a long time. Can you ask for anything more?

Is It Good?


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