Been a hectic week for everyone, including me, so I’ll keep this one brief. But hey, we didn’t die from an ancient apocalypse, so right on for that.

Criminal Macabre Final Night: The 30 Days of Night Crossover #1

Steve Niles done did it again. Cal McDonald, the American equivalent of John Constantine (unless you count that shit movie) is now dead. Long story, but he’s a ghoul now, so he’s dead, but doesn’t long to eat human flesh like a zombie.

The art by Christopher Mitten is dark and brooding, and as angular as it was in the current 30 Days of Night arc. And still gritty as a beach. Also, there was this beauty of a panel, which also so happens to be our Gore Panel of the Week:


This issue is great for a firstie. It’s cool to see Niles blend two creative properties he has such a large stake in (puns!). A solid mix of action and exposition, or fights and explanations. Bring on the second issue!

Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #2

Again, Steve Niles plays the keys. Niles and Bernie Wrightson have worked together before, on a short run of a comic called City of the Dead. They are a great team. The series has an old vibe to it, as the comic is entirely in black and white. It is filled with more than a few spectacular splash pages, filled with minutiae. You really sense the great sadness of the monster, who is after all, really just a man made of other men. A creature who never asked to be reborn.

If you like Frankenstein, check this comic out. Its an excellent take on the famous dead bloke.

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