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Horror Comics Breakdown: 1/11/13

Hope y’all are enjoying your new year. I reckon I gots some herrer cermics fer ya. Cletus seemed to like em. But Hell, Cletus is entertained by staring at dead possums in the durn road.

To Hell You Ride #2

First and foremost, Jim Shipps looks like Lance Henriksen. I’m pretty sure he was in issue 1, but two issues in, the likeness is now blatant. Stands to reason, as Henriksen is co-writing the comics with Joseph Maddrey. You can read my first issue reviewage right hur.

Short summation: Native American guy whose dad killed himself is hit with mystical arrow from the sky; small town in Colorado has d-bag mayor who turned town into ski resort. It hasn’t snowed in a while and he’s losing dough, so the mayor orders harsh chemicals to be released in the sky to make it snow.

Seriously, f--k these cracker-ass honkeys.

Issue #2 hops around a lot into different time periods, but the images are nifty. The whole series has a dream-like quality to it, provided by the art combined with the mystical elements of the plot. It’s also very pro-“quit raping mother Earth in the a-----e without lube, you dickbags.”


Oh God…he didn’t pay me for his lift ticket yet!

BPRD Hell on Earth The Abyss of Time-Part 1 #103

An agent goes back in time. A tribe is fighting what appear to be very similar creatures to the white walkers, or others, from Game of Thrones. Interesting, and the art by James Harren is really rad. Good, bulging eyes. This arc takes place before the events of Return of the Master, the latest arc out I reviewed here, here, and heaarre.

Oh, meth! You make people go cray cray.

Got the year 2013 tattooed on my wall. It’s actually just a calendar, but whatever, suck my…


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