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Mrs. Brown’s Boys DVD set now available at Tesco

This Irish phenomenon is now on its third series and eight million viewers can’t be wrong! If you need more proof of this series value, let’s not forget that little matter of the BAFTA it was awarded! The question is, have you cosied up to Mammy Brown yet?

This zany sitcom combines the best of vintage comedies ‘Father Ted’ and ‘Bread’, and is all wrapped up in 2013 style, with plenty of asides to the camera, topical commentary and laugh-out-loud gags. Written by Brendan O’Carroll, the Dublin-born author, writer and presenter, it started off as a series of stage plays in his native Ireland. The series even pays homage to the much loved ‘Acorn Antiques’ with its malfunctioning set and dubious camera angles!

Brendan O’Carroll himself plays Agnes Brown (usually in her hair rollers), who is the perpetual, but well-meaning meddler in her childrens’ lives. She is crudely potty-mouthed, domineering and full of character. However, she’s not alone: This box set is full of characters of value, since apart from Agnes, there are 10 main characters who you get to know, not least Grandad Brown, who is Agnes’ father-in-law (and much suffered, being considered by Agnes as a cross she has to bear), Winnie McGoogan, her best friend, Cathy, her perpetually single only daughter, and her sons, Dermot, Rory and Mark. There are other women, too, Maria Nicholson, Dermot’s girlfriend, Betty Brown, Mark’s wife, and Hilary, who is Maria’s snooty mother, and is unaware that she is about as welcome as a hole in the head around Agnes’ house.

Don’t miss out on this television phenomenon: The Christmas episodes were beaten only by Strictly Come Dancing in the Christmas 2012 ratings! These series hit the spot, so you will be pleased to know that Tesco now has the Mrs. Browns Boys DVD set for you to buy and enjoy.


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