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Is It Good? All-New X-Men #6 Review

There’s still time for writer Brian Michael Bendis to make All-New X-Men a great series even for those who hate the premise and what’s come so far. All he has to do is get inside the characters’ heads and write something that gives us great character development; that or more optic blasts. So far I’ve enjoyed this series but found it to be a bit slow, but as far as this issue goes, is it good?

All-New X-Men #6 (Marvel Comics)

This is the first issue in what appears to be the second story arc of this new Marvel NOW! series. The story so far has established the time travelling First Class X-Men, the X-School and current Cyclops’ knowledge of them and everyone pretty much reacting with disturbed amusement to the whole thing. Oh and Beast seems to have gone into a new mutation/evolution so that he looks like a Bigfoot or something. This issue establishes Jean’s place at the school, First Class Cyclops dealing with the concept of his older self killing Xavier (and being an overall douche) and Wolverine’s dislike of this time travelling plot…er I mean event.

The first rule of the X-Men. Don’t piss off a Phoenix!

Kitty Pryde takes on the role of mother to Jean in this issue, helping her cope with her new powers and the world around her. Oh and coping with the fact that she died like…six times. It’s clear Bendis is really getting into this series now, as the previous issues were more about the premise as a whole than anything else. The relationships are being established and honestly it’s actually starting to get interesting. Everything before this seemed like bombastic elements thrown together to create a stir in the comic community with very little story or development. It was screaming, “Here I am! Deal with it!” and provided little else besides that. This issue is establishing relationships that will clearly be the focus moving forward which allows the writing to do its work.

Those are some pretty tears.

Sure sucks being a Cyclops.

As far as getting inside Cyclops’ head the issue doesn’t do a lot. He’s mad as hell and wants to wrap his head around what his future self did, but aside from venting doesn’t do much in this issue. I suppose teenagers will be able to relate however, especially considering most teenagers are just as pissed as he is. But Cyclops really isn’t the focus this issue, at least not getting into his head. His character serves as the action and plot, while it’s Jean that gets the real meat in the story.

Did she seriously just think, “oy”?

Dammit Storm put some pants on!

I’m getting a strong vibe from this issue that Bendis pitched the story to Marvel like this: “What if the original X-Men encountered something that drove them apart…and then Jean became the leader!?” Now it’s an obvious concept to see here, especially with Storm saying as much, but this issue does a good job showing Jean and Cyclops dealing with stres and fear in different ways. Whether you think Jean is doing a better job is a possible sign that she’s being vetted for team leader for the future.

Seriously water bottles suck.

Who is that man?!

It’s also nice to see Wolverine interacting with young Cyclops as they used to before all the baggage was lumped into their laps. It’s as if this series is zapping them back to a time when hating each other was fun and not rife with enough baggage to make the Octomom look sane. Plus it allows new artist David Marquez the ability to draw stuff like this,

Final Score: 8.5

  • Great art especially the faces
  • Good character development
  • Not a lot happens but that’s this series’ M.O.

If you give this series a chance, and overlook the rather silly premise, I’m pretty sure Bendis is doing something special with the characters. It’s clear from this issue anyway and sure to get stronger as the series carries on.

Is It Good?

Yes. It’s great comics and can be enjoyed by anybody open minded enough to give it a chance.


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