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Is It Good? Saga #9 Review

When it comes to weird science fiction, Saga is the first comic that comes to mind. There’s nothing out there with enough nerve to show a giant’s testicles, a tree spaceship or a woman giving birth (and possibly pooping). Everybody knows the series is great, it appears on enough Best Of lists to make most comics envious, and as serials go you can’t beat the slow moving, but always interesting story. That doesn’t mean a single issue reader will think it’s the best book on the shelf every single week, which is why we ask the question, is it good?

Saga #9 (Image Comics)

If you’re expecting Alana or Marko you’re in for disappointment. This is The Will’s issue all the way through as we follow his exploits to save the slave girl sex worker that appeared a few issues ago. Anyone coming in fresh will be completely lost, so don’t even try. If you’re new to this series issue #7 served as a good recap and I recommend starting there.

Yeah, that’s the grossest thing in this page. /sarcasm

The beauty of this issue is how it showcases The Will’s abilities. In previous issues we generally know he’s a bounty hunter, but we don’t know what he can do aside from be bold. No, his truth smelling cat doesn’t count as an ability. Not so here, as we not only get to see him fight, but we also get to see his detective skills.

And you killed Colonel Custard in the kitchen with the candlestick!

This is what it looks like when phone calls are made in space.

The way The Will thinks is actually the coolest part of this issue. While he talks to Marko’s ex-girlfriend you get the feel his words are just as dangerous as his fists. It’s not hard to see why of course, as writer Brian K. Vaughn is exceptional with dialogue and I’m more than certain Fiona Staples is the best at doing facial expressions of any comic book artist today.

That cape action is a little awkward, no?

Don’t make the woman angry!

Unfortunately The Will in action might be one of the weakest things I’ve seen yet in this series. Give another artist the dialogue Staples works with and I’m sure some of the pages would come off as boring or confusing. But the action is sadly a bit stilted and awkward. The movement doesn’t look right, as if the characters were in mud when they should be running briskly. It’s only a page or two in this book, but it took me out of the issue completely.

Do they have alien cat vets?

Final Score: 6.5

  • Strong character development
  • The Will gets his own issue!
  • Action looks awkward
  • Doesn’t even try to explain itself to new readers

As far as a chapter in the series goes, this is interesting and a nice start to another group of characters. It’s clear The Will, Marko’s ex and the little girl will be a trio that will be an interesting foil to the heroes and their baby. Anyone going in blind will have no clue what this comic is even about, however, and I couldn’t shake the issue’s wonky action. There are a few pages that were a bit heavy in the dialogue department that could have used a little action to let the scenes breathe too.

Is It Good?

Sure, but only for anyone reading the last two issues or those who read the first arc. It’s a good introduction to a new trio of characters, but doesn’t offer a whole lot beyond that.


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