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Is It Good? Final Night #2 Review

Final Night (Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night Crossover) #2 (Dark Horse)

If you’re a fan of Steve Niles, strap in. Not only have ya gots ya 30 Days, but ya also gots ya Cal Mac. You’re in Steve Niles heaven with this one.

The banter is your typical Criminal Macabre fare. Cal McDonald is a ghoul now, but he’s still the same smartass he always was.

The plot is chugging along. It’s a good crossover (not that I have much to compare it to.) I started reading the 30 Days X-Files crossover, and never finished. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t “I have to rush to the comic store as soon as it comes out.” So, this crossover is better than the X-Files, but as I stated I’m not extremely well versed in crossovers. There’s your useless information; I have to have some every review. I will say that since it has some plot stuff taken from the most recent 30 Days of Night arc, it can be a little confusing if you haven’t read that.

Mitten gives ya some good splashes of the red stuff. This is gritty. Like, Rob Zombie gritty, but without Sherri Moon’s ass. Since it wouldn’t be the real thing, I don’t care. Though, for the record, it’s usually the best part of a Zombie film. What was I…oh yeah, right, the art. It doesn’t suck. Well, it sucks occasionally, but on purpose. Get it, ’cause vampires? Right, moving along…

Is It Good?

Final Score: 6.0

  • Unique Art
  • Good plot if you’re up to date with 30 Days and Criminal Macabre
  • Unless you’re a Niles junkie, you’ll be confused

So, is this b---h good? Yeah, but it can get confusing. The plot is almost wholly reliant upon being up to date with the happenings in the current 30 Days arc as well as the latest issues of Criminal Macabre. For instance, if you haven’t kept up to date, you probably didn’t know Cal died and became a ghoul. So it would have been nice if this one could have stood on its own. That said, if you’re up to date, it’s a real treat that ties the current universes together. Mitten’s unique art style—much like Templesmith’s—adds a fascinating bite to this vampire/monster hunter tale.


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