The two most popular words in the business of comic books are probably “sex” and “shocking”. If they can’t sell you with sexy ladies they’ll sell you with a shocking twist or premise. Case in point, when IDW has a few properties they can play with, why not combine them? Mars Attacks meet zombies and robots. It’s an incredibly goofy and possibly inspired combo, but is it good?

Mars Attacks Zombies vs. Robots #1 (IDW Publishing)

There are cases where character development, story and even plot aren’t necessary to tickle a person’s fancy. Usually if you’re lacking in those areas humor is the best way to go. Luckily for this series the humor and absurdity is in abundance. This is a sequel of sorts to IDW’s acclaimed Zombies vs. Robots only in this case the aliens from Mars Attacks! are the heroes. The book opens with them discovering an inter-dimensional stargate to Earth. The idea is to zap on over and take those mother licking humans out. Oh… but if it was that easy.

Love the humor

Obviously a book like this needs to have comical moments complete with the cheeky art and dialogue to accompany them. Frankly combining the robots of this universe, who are arrogant jerk wads, with the Mars Attacks aliens is genius. To have such arrogant jerks face each other means there are plenty of silly yet commensurately character driven moments. Imagine the biggest arrogant ass you know meeting a even bigger one. Certainly in such a circumstance there’s room to grow?

Seriously. Stupid humans.

While there isn’t a ton of story here, especially for the $3.99 price point, Andy Kuhn’s art makes it well worth your time and money. It’s not quite as artistically composed as Ashley Wood’s work, but it’s similar in the thick inky tones. The dark coloring helps too. One double page spread in particular was not only exciting and pretty but contained a pretty nifty effect. Superimposed behind the action is a zombie head and alien head. A nice way to show they’re facing off.

Mortal Kombat!

The fact that the aliens can sustain my interest for 13 pages without a single robot showing up is a good sign as well. Writer Chris Ryall does a good job fleshing out the alien characters. Their bravado works well in the atmosphere. Sure the city has clearly crumbled, but they’re so full of themselves that even the sight of zombies doesn’t phase them.

This comic has enough ego to make scrambled eggs.

Anyone who’s been a fan of the Zombies Vs. Robots or even Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons series should enjoy this book. You’d think it’d be sucky considering it’s premise alone seems to be a cash grab but it works.

Me a human? Ha!

Final Score: 9

  • Funny
  • Good pacing
  • I want more!

The only problem I had was the speed in which I finished reading it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to love here, but somehow I was finished before I felt like I started. In this case I think that’s a good thing. The art is certainly worthy of ogling for long stretches at a time. Highly enjoyable read for anyone looking for some brainless fun.

Is It Good?

Yes. Entertaining comic anyone can enjoy.