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Spoiler alert: Doc Ock is inside Peter Parker’s body. Didn’t get that memo yet? Then why on earth are you reading this comic book?! This is the second issue in the Doc Ock storyline and if you’re reading this review you probably aren’t so sure if you’ll pick it up. Is it worth your dime?

Superior Spider-Man #2 (Marvel Comics)

Writer Dan Slott is essentially continuing the “Peter Parker really down on his luck” story here, only this time Peter is a blue ghost that follows around a highly praised and super cocky version of himself. Oh and there’s a supervillain inside his body. Talk about a nightmare.

Judging by this being day 2 this is a slow moving story eh?

Last issue we found out Peter is somehow connected to his body in some way. Doc Ock can’t hear him, but Peter can somehow physically stop Ock from doing things by using his force of will. This issue focuses mostly on Ock’s need to bag MJ. Anyone thinking this is a form of rape or just plain gross considering Ock is 70 or so…you’ve been warned.

Peter Parker ghosting… this won’t get annoying.

It got annoying.

This is basically the plot of the Patrick Swayze film Ghost only in this case Whoopi Goldberg is Doc Ock. This issue delivers such hilarious situations as “Don’t touch MJ” to “No, don’t act like a jerk” to “Why are you acting like a super villain?” Needless to say it gets tiresome pretty quickly and I can’t help but think this story will continue on like this for as long as a year as some people fear.

Is Peter talking to Dan Slott here?

Personally I found the story a frustrating experience. Like watching an even less-funny version of Ben Stiller fumble his way through one of his movies, wherein you want him to stop making stupid decisions and making everyone hate him. Similarly here, you want Peter to stop suffering and get his body back.

He loves her. They are soul mates!

See I told you.

The most interesting sequence in the issue takes place when Doc Ock is fed up trying to woo MJ and decides to relive Peter’s memories. He’s basically thieving Peter’s memories to mind molest MJ. It’s odd, interesting and weird all in one. When he wakes up the next day refreshed you can’t help but think… did Ock just masturbate to memories? (And why didn’t he just mind swap himself into a younger version of Hugh Hefner instead?)


It looks like we’ll be getting some new Vulture stories next issue. Leave it to Dan Slott to do something a little different with the Spider-verse, this time with midget Vulture minions. They’re sort of like flying monkeys only in the customary Vulture garb.

Midget vulture minions. Score!


  • Looks great.
  • Gimmicky and redundant

Let’s be clear here, I’m not one of those folks who hates the concept that’s going on in this issue. It could work and does have its funny moments, but unfortunately it gets rather obnoxious after a page or two. It’s essentially the same running joke/device throughout the issue. Peter is pissed but can’t do anything about it and Doc Ock is a pompous ass.

Is It Good?

Not very. It’s redundant and predictable once you get past the gimmick.

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