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Hellboy in Hell #3 (Dark Horse)

The right hand of Doom is back. Who says you can never go back home again?

So, shark alarm, raise the black flag, spoiler alert.

Yes, I stole it from Dinner for Fiends. No, I don’t care.

Anyway, Hellboy in Hell 3, we learn what really went down in the universe’s no no place. You know how people use that expression, “when hell freezes over…”

Yup, that’s Hellboy’s daddy. Daddy is on ice, and I’m getting a very heavy Dante vibe from this panel, and twarst of the plart.

Oh, and apparently Hellboy has siblings. This issue is totally worth it to see one hell of a sibling rivalry.

This issue is nuts. It completely redeems the last two issues, which have essentially been a lead up to this mother. Oh such spoilers I will not give. Such monsters I will not explain. Such folly to assume you can predict where ole’ Mignola is going.

Next issue we’re promised “Death riding an elephant.”

Final Score: 10

  • Monsters and demons
  • Crazy plot twists
  • Hellboy says “crap” a lot
  • Nothing. Really, nothing.

Is It Good?

Is it good? In case you couldn’t discern my ramblings, what I was trying to get at is FUCK YES! Sweet monsters, evocative imagery, and the plot finally gets cranking, like a public masturbator at a strip club. Go read this whole series right now. I know I said I didn’t believe in perfect scores, but fuck it, this is what comic books should be.

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  • Leonardo Jose Nieves

    So I’ve never read hellboy ever. Would you still recommend it to me?

    • Spooky Sean

      Ten months late, but yes, I still would recommend it.