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Is It Good? BPRD Hell on Earth: The Abyss of Time Part 2 Review

BPRD Hell on Earth The Abyss of Time #2 (Dark Horse)

First off, goddamn does this have a long title? Neither here nor there, just saying.

So, BPRD, Hell on Earth, The Abyss of Time Part 2, The Reckoning: Armageddon. For a short series it manages to pack quite the wallop. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on all things BPRD. Perhaps this gentleman, the agent who…


Right, anywho, the agent who goes back in time…wait, is that even a real spoiler? It’s called “The Abyss of Time,” I’m sure you smart folks can put two and two together based upon the cover image and…whatever, moving along. So, this agent, who I assume we’ve never been introduced to, touches an artifact which makes him go back in time, and hang out with wildlings…I mean, a random tribe of people. And they fight white walkers…wait, I mean just weird blue creatures of humanoid form. And then Jon Snow, sorry, I mean “Agent Howards,” has to fight with the free folk, I mean, the tribe. I think I might be confusing to properties here…

I love that it’s just a random agent (I think) who happens to go back in time. They could have easily made it be a well known BPRD character, but instead, Mike Mignola and Scott Alie decided to send some poor schlub. Who knows, maybe he’s even the new guy. In case you hadn’t gleaned this by now, I only retain the vital information from comics, books, everything. Like that a lot of peeps is wearing loincloths.

Silence, his crotch is speaking!

Also, there was this guy.

Meth is a real problem in the past.

The art is pretty radical. Bodacious, even, if you want to use another obscure 80s qualifier. Right on James Harren…hall. Damn it, I’m sorry, been reading a lot of A Song of Ice and Fire. All joking aside, I’ll be looking for more Harren work. Always nice to find new artists who draw good, methed-out looking monster peeps.

Meth: it’s what’s for dinner.

Even his regular humans have a unique look to them. Also, Harren’s landscapes and use of light and costumes are nice. Though, some credit is due to color mang, Dave Stewart.


  • Great human and monster design
  • Great use of color
  • Fun little ride
  • Derivative. There are roughly a billion stories about a dude who travels through time, and fights with a warring tribe.

Is It Good?

So, es beuno? Si, es bueno. An enjoyable, short little run in the BPRD line up. It has a Conan flair to it. A very heavy fantasy vibe. The art is great, and the plot is cool. While time travel is derivative, as are fighting with a sacred weapon frankly, you can get past this and still enjoy the book for what it is. And what it is is a fun little visit to the past, with a random BPRD agent.


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