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Is It Good? Exsanguine #5 Review

Exsanguine #5 (Dark Horse)

Wow. Just wow. Talk about anti-climatic. In a series which raised so many interesting questions, in this last issue (which might be the last issue ever), nothing is explained.

Warning, yar, there be spoilers ahead.

The weird writing, we are led to believe, is some sort of magical spell? I think. For some reason, the lady…FBI agent, cop, whatever type of law enforcement, is a killer. She tried to frame the vampiyah. Seriously, I don’t really know what happened. Someone got stabbed. Someone was raised from the dead. Someone opted out of becoming a vampire. I know, I know, bad form to come up with the structure of a work you have no part of the creation of. However…

What the hell, Exsanguine? If you can’t tie everything up in an issue, you stretch that s--t to six issues! I hope it has another arc, because there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. My main one: why do rats turn into weird rat-creatures around vampires? Is this all rats? What the f--k was up with that, Exsanguine?! You can’t just spring that on us, and not give even some form of explanation!

The art is nice, so the action in the panels at least keeps you entertained. Plus, apparently every woman in Tim Seeley’s universe wears a skirt, all the time.

It’s like that there animes up in here.

As undesirable as it is to judge an entire series on its ending, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Let’s face it, if no one cared about endings, M. Night Shyamalan would have no career. Stephen King would have way less angry fan letters. (For real, has anyone read The Dark Tower series? Don’t get me started on it. It also ended…quite oddly. Child orgies…hmm.) By all means, read Exsanguine, but keep in mind in ends very abruptly, and you will be left wanting.

Final Score 5.0

  • Action is swift
  • Many plot points tied up in a very brief expanse of time
  • Other questions never answered
  • Seriously, why were there rat creatures?! Tell me!

Is It Good?

So, is it Good? Not really. It ends too quickly, like a recently released prisoner with the first prossy he can pay. The action moves switfly, but it seems to be sound and fury signifying nothing. However, if you can see past all sorts of intriguing questions just sort of glossed over in two pages with half-assed answers, than by all means, read the last issue of Exsanguine.


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