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Is It Good? Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #1 Review

Number one issues are a revealing act. They setup what the purpose will be, the character dynamics and a general feel for the story. That and they all look all purdy and important with the #1 emblazoned on the cover. Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #1 is the Marvel NOW! status quo when it comes to the X-Men and has a lot riding on it. Is it good?

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #1 (Marvel Comics)

This issue is organized to deliver a huge twist at the end as it opens with a secret character asking Agent Hill to take down Cyclops. The point is made that Cyclops has no control of his powers and if SHIELD can reveal this to the world his ability to stand as a symbolic message of change would be disavowed.

Who is this mystery man?

The strongest aspect of this issue is the team chemistry that’s being built. The lineup of heroes and their respective powers makes this a real team. As opposed to other X-Men line ups where a single hero could probably take on any threat most of these characters on this team need each other to function in battle. Cyclops has lost control of his power, Emma lost a power and Magneto’s powers have been reduced as well.

Cyclops as Che.

Another fun aspect to this series is going to be the new mutants with original powers popping up. Yes I used popping on purpose!

So he’s like Speedball only it’s skin balls…kind of gross.

Note the female heroes are all in short shorts or bikini bottoms. Is this team sexist or what?

There’s quite a few unanswered questions in this issue which might frustate folks. For instance, why is Magneto in the Onslaught costume? Or for that matter what gives with Cyclops’ X mask? Considering artist Chris Bachalo does a bang up job I can’t help but not care that much, but as far as first issues go there’s a lot of questions people will be looking forward to.

Even if his power has been reduced this is adds a new layer to his character.

Speaking of Bachalo, I couldn’t shake the feeling he’s addicted to slanting panels. Nearly everything that has to do with the team is slanted. It’s an odd choice and I’m not sure if he did this to imbue unease or what. It still looks great, but I think maybe a little less of this would go a long way. Maybe he’s trying to create X’s on the page or something?

Check out Cyclops in the new film, “How Cyclops Got His Groove Back

Final Score: 8

  • Bachalo can draw my dreams
  • Good team dynamics
  • Compelling twist ending
  • Not a lot is developed that we don’t already know

This is a good start to a new series, but don’t expect complete adulation with how the story pans out. Aside from the twist not much is setup in the issue. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the fight sequence already took place in All-New X-Men when the team retrieved the time and space freezing mutant. Sure there are Sentinels this go around, but not a lot of new ground is broken here. Especially for a #1 issue.

Is It Good?

Yes. It’s fun, entertaining and promises to deliver a great story for the future.


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