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Is It Good? Deadpool Vol. 4 #5

Marvel NOW!’s iteration of the Merc with a Mouth continues with Deadpool #5: The myriad inner voices (thankfully) might be gone, but this Deadpool isn’t lacking one scintilla of the mentally deranged mayhem that we’ve come to love about him. Posehn and Duggan serve up the fifth issue of zombie president brutality: Is the premise finally wearing thin? Better yet, is it good?

Deadpool Vol. 4 #5


One measly page in and already the best “Mean” Joe Greene “Hey Kid, Catch!” Coca-Cola ad parody I’ve ever seen. Then again, the commercial did air in 1979, so something tells me the reference might be lost on anyone but pathetic man-children such as myself and you fine AiPT readers.

The payoff for this joke on the next page is priceless.

As Deadpool revels in the victory over the phantom presidents (or POTUSes, as he calls them) from previous issues, this issue’s premise is revealed: Ghost Ronald Reagan is in outer space on some kind of weapons platform… and only our boy Wade can stop him. Transported 1200 miles about the Earth into the cold, black void of space, Deadpool encounters foes unlike any he’s ever before faced:

Talking astronaut chimpanzees vs. Deadpool. This is why I read comic books.

Comedian Brian Posehn and co-writer Gerry Duggan showcase their zeal for political satire by giving Ronald Reagan The Daily Show treatment… on crack. Every pop culture reference and sly jab towards the beloved 40th president you’d ever hoped and dreamed of seeing save “Kill one for the Gipper,” (I know, you’re jealous I thought of that first Posehn. Deal with it) is on full blast here, unmitigated even with such “mild” subjects as assassination attempts:

Not even when she was in The Accused?

My only gripe is that there might be too many jokes, as there’s one crammed into every panel — but surprisingly, very few if any of them miss.

Closing in on issue #6 now, the Deadpool vs. Zombie Ghost Presidents premise is getting a little tiresome, but the fight scenes with their solid blend of bat-s--t craziness, stylistic flair, and exciting mechanics suit the Regeneratin’ Degenerate perfectly and Tony Moore adroitly brings it to life with his artwork.


  • Cleverly written dialogue, genuinely funny moments.
  • Talking, astronaut chimpanzees
  • Zombie presidents premise starting to wear a little bit.

Is It Good?

Yes. Given the notoriety of the dead president Deadpool is tackling in next month’s issue #6 (and Posehn’s interviews), the story arc should be coming to a close. I’ve been reading Deadpool since The Circle Chase and this is the first time I’ve fiended for the next issue since the days of Joe Kelly. This issue shows promise that Posehn and Duggan can bring some Deadpool yarns approaching Nicieza and Kelly-tier greatness given some time to settle in.


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