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Is It Good? Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #3 Review

An increasingly vicious quarrel between Captain America and Cyclops is once again threatening to spin out of control. You’d think these team leaders would have some diplomatic sense, especially after the Avengers vs. X-Men debacle, but cooler heads are needed. This issue pits the Avengers against Cyclops’ new ragtag team, Magneto is outed and writer Brian Bendis fills it with chipper dialogue…is it good?

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #3 (Marvel Comics)

If you read this book and think to yourself, “huh, this is familiar” you’re not alone. Captain America and Cyclops had a very similar squabble at the beginning of the AvX storyline. It roughly amounts to, “you do this now Cyclops” and Cyclops replying, “uh-uh, no way jerk. I’m my own man!” It’s frustrating to read because, while both sides have their points, Cyclops’ side is particularly narrow minded. That said, when the Avengers swoop in and make demands I could see many people reacting in the same way as Cyke. Either way, it’s frustrating to read when none of these characters have learned anything from that event. In some sense that’s good as far as story and entertainment, but it leaves the reader with a feeling that maybe AvX was a complete waste.

Here we go again.

I’m kind of on Iron Man’s side here.

If you’re just joining us, Cyclops agreed to teleport over to Australia so that one of his new recruits can tell her mom she’s okay. Magneto went and told S.H.I.E.L.D. where they were and the Avengers rolled up. When summarized that way you see why I wasn’t a huge fan of the last issue. Aside from some fun banter on the side there wasn’t much to it. This issue, however, delivers a lot more meat to this potato dish.

The first of probably many cracks at Cyclops’ new costume.

This entire issue reads like one big “let’s get the fans riled up” story. You’ve got characters being very undiplomatic, shouting at each other about what they know is right and not trying in any sense of the word to reach understanding. It’s do or die time and I’m sure most fans will take sides even though both sides are being pretty stubborn. Of course this is probably what Bendis wants, because there isn’t a better selling tool than buzz and this is a buzzworthy comic indeed.

Yeah that’s a lie. Can’t see that helping build team chemistry.

Aside from one or two instances where it’s pretty clear Cyclops is in denial about killing Xavier, the dialogue rolls off nicely in a believable way. Of course, if you take a step back from it all you’ll note the conflict between the Avengers and Cyclops is more of a yanking of the chains than anything, but that’s due to the stubborn-minded characters. This all amounts to a nice explanation as to where people’s heads are right now. Plus we get a ton more asides from the new recruits as they reflect on how insane it is to be in the situation they’re in. This allows for some levity and Bendis to bring down the actions on a level the reader can understand and relate to.

So…Hulk is Frankenstein now?

The art by Chris Bachalo is a lot more balanced in this issue. Last issue I had some reservations, but I think that might be due to Bachalo’s strength being in action. Even though there wasn’t an all-out war going on here, the body language between the two sides is done very well. If you think about it, that’s a battle in itself and it’s done succinctly here.

Magik is nuts and nobody seems to care.


  • Well balanced dialogue
  • Strong art
  • He said, she said is a little stilting

The biggest win for this issue is that it reads like it’s jam packed with content. In some cases a Bendis comic can feel like an eternity to read, or it can feel short and as if it’s missing something. The balance is struck well in this issue as both sides of the AvX coin are expressed clearly. It’s also fun to see how the dynamics of this new team may wind up in the future. Some have reservations for what Cyclops may have done while others are all for being a villain as long as they can be famous. Either way it ends up being a fresh take on the mutant condition.

Is It Good?

Yes. The drama runs high in this fun issue.


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