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Samus Aran from Metroid Prime Actualized By Pixelninja

Ever wished Samus Aran was real? It’s alright, you can tell us the truth. You’re in the company of friends. Also, you’re not alone.

Enter Jenni Källberg, AKA Pixelninja, from Stockholm, Sweden — who brings us that much closer to a life with some Samus-filled substantiality. These Samus costumes (The curve hugging blue Zero suit and Varia suit, respectively, from Metroid Prime) she fashioned with a little elbow grease and her own ingenuity were so good that she was invited by Nintendo of Europe to follow them on a Metroid Prime trilogy press tour in Germany:







For more of Pixelninja and her cosplay adroitness, visit her website.

And if you think this costume was good, you ain’t seen nothing yet; Morph Ball over to her Varia Suit 2.0 from Metroid Prime cosplay gallery.


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