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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #6AU Review

If you’ve been reading my Age of Ultron reviews you’ll note I’ve hated the series more and more as time’s gone on. I’ll be reviewing #3 later today, but it’s important to note Superior Spider-Man #6AU should be read before you read #3. This is essentially Age of Ultron #2.5 which may not bode well…is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #6AU (Marvel Comics)

I’ve been loving Superior Spider-Man so this comic essentially combines my most favorite comic with my most loathed. This issue doesn’t solve the problem of zero plot the main book has had, but it does deliver a fun one-and-done adventure SpOck goes on. It also serves as a nice lesson for SpOck and it delivers on a couple different fronts as well.

What is going on with Tony’s Tron suit?

As we learned in Age of Ultron #2, Spidey woke up from a nap (seriously) and found Manhattan completely overrun with Ultron bots. He quickly got captured by Hammerhead and wound up being rescued by Hawkeye. Iron Man has an idea to teleport Ultron off Earth and he needs SpOck’s help. Can SpOck stop with the arrogance and actually work as a team? Find out in this issue!

Now that there is some art.

SpOck hack!

It seems SpOck might have actually learned that his hubris gets in the way of results. It only took the entire human race’s imprisonment and a botched plan to get him to figure this out. Christos N. Gage writes this issue incredibly because we’ve seen this story over and over and yet it reads in a fresh way. It helps that he has the ability to dip into some Doc Ock backstory but it’s also due to all the calamity in the series. What better way to reveal the true self of a hero than under extreme circumstances?

Spider-Man Matrix!

It helps that Dexter Soy blasts you in the face with beautiful imagery. It has a cell shading type feel, but it also helps that the colors make everything pop. It all comes together with an anime type feel, but it’s also modern and has its own voice as well.

Lesson learned. Thankfully we didn’t all die…


  • Strong writing
  • Even stronger art
  • We’ve seen these story beats before

I had negative expectations for this book but it surprised me. The art captivated, the story was interesting and the character development, while not new, rang true. Sure, the characters are exactly in the same place where they started, but the inner monologue of SpOck is strong enough to sell this nice ride.

Is It Good?

Yes. I’m as surprised as you are. Good stuff.


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