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Is It Good? Miss Fury #1 Review

Dynamite has been recently bringing back a lot of old pulp heroes and giving them brand new series as of late. I’ve been ignoring all of these series for a while now, but you know what? Time to change that. I’m going to try Miss Fury, who honestly looks pretty cool, and answer the age old question: Is it good?

Miss Fury #1 (Dynamite)


Okay, the story opens up on a rooftop in 1943 with Miss Fury fighting a bunch of Nazis. Before one of them is killed, he makes mentions of something about time travel and not really dying. It’s all really weird and odd, especially when Miss Fury herself ends up falling through a very fragile window and into a wormhole. Then the rest of the comic just relays her back-story from her point of view and what led her to that scene at the beginning.

As I began reading the back-story, I started to realize something as I hear her narrate her back story. She is an utter and total jerk. Or whatever the female equivalent of a jerk is. (I refuse to say; I’m a gentleman.)

Miss Fury 02
You don’t say!

I’m not joking. She’s completely selfish, very violent and hostile towards others, very stuck up and self centered, and cares very little for anyone else outside of maybe one or two guys (ones with no personality presented to us mind you). I have enjoyed series where the main character is a jerk, but they are not normally this unlikeable so quickly or at least have some sort of redeeming trait to sway me over to their side.

The comic comes off as very boring and uninteresting due to the lack of likeable lead and the fact that not much has happened. Outside of the time travel aspect and the cliffhanger, there’s not really much of a story here and what is here goes by very quickly. It’s hard to explain, but the comic feels like it could have benefited from having a couple of more pages to flesh out what was going on.

Miss Fury 03
Like for example, who the hell Two-Face is here outside of his name.

Finally, there’s the art of this comic and man, it doesn’t really help matters. The coloring is nice and the action scene at the beginning is decent, but that’s it. The layouts at times can be boring, and nothing is particularly eye catching. The real stand out feature, however is the facial expressions. The characters are extremely creepy with their emotionless eyes (which are occasionally looking off in different directions) and extremely disturbing smiles.

Miss Fury 04
Be back demon!


  • The cliffhanger indicates possible potential in the future.
  • That one action scene was enjoyable.
  • AWFUL main character.
  • The artwork was forgettable or unintentionally scary.
  • Really slow start.

Is It Good?

I really wanted to like this. I truly did, but it really did not like me back at all. An unlikeable main character, dull art, and a story that barely got off the ground all add up to a comic that really is not that good. I recommend avoiding this comic unless there is a shocking turn around next issue.


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