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Panels In Poor Taste: 4/5/13 – Finger-Eye-Head Popping Fun

Each Friday, AiPT writers discuss their favorite “panels in poor taste” from the latest comics released the previous Wednesday.

This week, Batwing goes batshit on a lady, eyeballs are yanked, and Thanos chills with some man-eating lizards.

Batwing #19

Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti | Art byEduardo Pansica

Dave: I’m of the persuasion a hero is chivalrous and never hits a woman. Sure, this lady is a murderer and attacks Batwing, but you don’t punch, choke or headbutt a lady! Unless you’re paying for it of course.

Russ: Oh, he’s headbutting her? I thought they were just doing the forehead version of Eskimo kissing.

Sean: Batwing’s secret identity is Chris Brown.

Repossessed #4 (of 4)

Written and Art by JM Ringuet

Dave: I need to get me an attack camel complete with demon tentacle uvula. I hear all the hipsters are doing it.

Russ: The Fly sure was a lot scarier with Jeff Goldlbum as the eponymous villain and with Chris Walas’ special effects, eh kids?

Sean: Boy, have I been there.

Polarity #1

Written byMax Bemis | Art by Jorge Coelho

Dave: Now that is one sick exploded head. I love the chunks and flying tooth, but what really sells it for me is the neck and chin are still sort of intact.

Jordan: Whoa… I gotta Scanners’ flashback all of a sudden.

Sean: I love that tooth. Ahhh, the warm and fuzzies are coming on.

Age of Ultron #4 (Pick 1)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis | Art by Bryan Hitch

Dave: Brings new meaning to the term, “finger blasting.” If it’s that easy to kill a hulk I’d ask for my money back.

Jordan: Clearly, Jen’s strength and durability came from her hair. Once it was cut, boom headshot!

Russ: Today I learned Ultron robots are programmed to smile only for misogyny.

Sean: They’re finger blasting the Hell out of her!

Age of Ultron #4 (Pick 2)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis | Art by Bryan Hitch

Dave: The blur effect sells this gore splashing shot, probably because without the blur the ribs and organs would look funny…or maybe they’d be too graphic for comics. Who knows? Either way I’m off to punch a melon and listen for the “smash” sound.

Russ: How do you think Billy Corgan came up with the name for his band, Dave? It was an onomatopoeic process. Wait… you mean they’re “The Smashing Pumpkins”? As in “impressive or wonderful” pumpkins? You kiss my ass Billy Corgan.

Sean: Getting smashed doesn’t seem to be as much fun as people say it is.

Double Barrel #7

Story featured Written and Art byTim Sieverts

Dave: These panels are, “eye catching.” Hehe, oh me.

Russ: Looks like I won’t be changing contact lenses today, after all.

Sean: Eye, eye, eye!

Miss Fury #1 (Pick 1)

Written by Rob Williams | Art by Jackson Herbert

Dave: Gloves in the bath…now I’ve seen everything. Also, lit candles during the day? A glass of wine too? What is this chicks deal?

Jordan: I’m more surprised by the fact that the newspaper is still dry.

Russ: Shyamalan Twist: She’s wearing gloves because she’s washing the dishes at the same time.

Sean: Yes, a war. It’s a rager. Uh, the war that is.

Miss Fury #1 (Pick 2)

Jordan: There’s a shocking lack of blood coming from that guy’s face wounds.

Dave: The blood splatter is gruesome, but I’m mostly confused by how these panels interact. The one on the left has her slashing up with the second panel suddenly showing two hands right up on his face. Huh, how does that work?

Sean: She’s reaching up behind her, Dave. Clawing at the goon’s face who has her in a chokehold. Textbook choke reversal. You should try it some time.

Sean: He’s just pissed about his beard. “No my beautiful beard, why?!”

Deadpool #7

Written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan | Art by Scott Koblish

Russ: Senor Sinister, eh? What’s next? Culo-Mariner? Human Tarado? If not… I sure hope so.

Dave: Culo means ass right? Ass-Mariner…I like it. Send 500,000 copies to the publisher asap!

Russ: … I just knew this was what was going to make AiPT famous. My dreams were right.

Thanos Rising #1

Written by Jason Aaron | Art by Simone Bianchi

Russ: On Titan, the 1998 remake of Godzilla was actually frightening. Primarily because it was a snuff film starring teenaged Thanos.

Dave: I don’t know why but I get a strong art class vibe from this. Like Bianchi just had some lizard sketches hanging around. Then he decided to draw some dead bodies and Thanos in and call it a day.

Jordan: Iguanas… I always knew they were a threat. No one ever listens to me though.

Sean: Look at those Iguanas. All existing and s--t. Evil, pure God damn evil.


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