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Is It Good? Sledge-Hammer 44 #2 Review

I reviewed the first Sledge-Hammer 44 a few weeks back, so if you need to catch up, go for it. I’ll wait.

……Alright then. Now that you have a background of the insanity that is the WW2-era story of Sledge-Hammer 44, let’s take a look at issue #2, shall we? Does it continue on the same path that the first one laid in front of it? Does it finish the short miniseries strong? Is it good?

Sledge-Hammer 44 #2 (Dark Horse)

It’s a short run on the Sledge-Hammer 44. Only dos issues. But it packs quite the whammy. I liked the second issue the same amount as the first. I even gave it the same rating. However, what I liked about the issue was, at least in part, different.

It’s always nice when a story takes a turn for the unexpected. You don’t think Mignola and Arcudi are going to explain the technology the way they did, though it isn’t without precedent in the B.P.R.D. and Hellboy universe. And there’s also another turn I didn’t predict. So kudos. You got me guys.

Latour’s art has some great landscape shots. Some great shots of fire fights, and explosions. All of the action is of the metal-grinding, bullet-piercing, blood-splashing type. So intense.

But the noses on these people! Little square nubs on the end, almost like…well I have no idea what they’re like, they are just square! They look weird, especially from the side.

Is It Good?


  • Landscapes full of action. KABOOM!
  • Unexpected plot twists
  • Lots of awesome killer robot art
  • Short run
  • Forgettable

Short but sweet, but it makes me wonder if they’ll ever come back to ol’ Sledge-Hammer. If you like robots, definitely check it out, and if you enjoy Mignola, well, obviously give it a gander. Though it is somewhat forgettable, much like the Abyss in Time series, it is a blast. I’m seriously beginning to wonder if Mike Mignola ever sleeps. He must dictate comic ideas everywhere he goes, or something. I honestly have no idea how one man is able to have his name on so many comics that come out in such a short period of time.


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