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Is It Good? Constantine #2 Review

Okay, this comic is controversial to say the least with how people have reacted to it being the replacement for Hellblazer (at least, that’s how people see it). Then came the first issue and it was rather meh to people who managed to ignore all of this backlash. Well, the second issue is out now, and even after all of this, is it good?

Constantine #2 (DC Comics)

Last time we left Constantine, he had escaped from Norway with the first piece of Croydon’s Compass and down one friend. He heads to Myanmar to retrieve the next piece, but unfortunately, he runs into a little problem from Mister E, a member of The Cult of the Cold Flame. And then even after that, he still has to deal with the Spectre, who wants reek his wrath on our all too deserving hero (anti-hero, anti-villain; it’s hard to decide with Constantine, frankly).

Huh… I don’t remember the Spectre being that ripped before.

I personally found the last issue to be rather boring. It wasn’t really all that exciting or engaging until after Constantine arrived in Norway; just a bunch of dull exposition and a burnt up flight attendant. Now that that’s out of the way, the story is finally getting going and getting interesting (it could still stand to go a little faster). We get introduced to a new villain that seems pretty cool and we see a deal made between Constantine and Spectre. Heck, even the dialogue and monologues are better this time around.

Sorry man, I think I heard this one already.

The main complaint I heard about this comic or has been tossed around is that it’s nowhere as good as Hellblazer or it is Hellblazer-lite. Having read these past two issues, I can tell you all this:

I have no idea if those statements are right or wrong. I’ve only read the first volume of the series by Jaime Delano (which I did like) and that’s pretty much it. I’m judging this comic as is and it’s pretty good for what it is, even if there is this weird disconnect between Constantine here and in Justice League Dark (the character work doesn’t match up a lot even though both comics are written by the same guys).

Oh I get it! Mister E is a Black Lantern! That’s how he can see these colors!


  • The story and dialogue has improved.
  • A lot of elements introduced have potential.
  • The artwork is very nice.
  • Hellblazer fans, this is probably not for you.
  • The coloring does not match up with the tone.

The art here is very good looking, with very well drawn characters and locations. The magic is the highlight of the artwork with how good the linework and coloring is. Mister E’s first appearance is a particularly stellar looking image with the magic coming off his hands and legs. However, the color scheme for the comic is pretty bright and lively for a story that feels very dark and murky, which kind of messes with the tone at times.

Is It Good?

Yes, it’s pretty good and this second issue was a step up from last time. I recommend it, but keep in mind, this may not be the Hellbazer you love or want.


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