Trinity War is slowly approaching and all three Justice League comics will be crossing over. Everyone pays attention to Justice League and Justice League of America, but what about Justice League Dark? With this issue, the comic begins its journey towards the war and will be playing a major part in the event itself. The question is, is it good?

Justice League Dark #19 (DC Comics)


In this issue, Constantine runs into a string of bad luck: He’s almost blown up by the Cult of the Cold Flame and has the House of Mystery stolen from him. He meets up with Frankenstein and Deadman at Madame Xanadu’s home, all of whom have been drawn there by a mysterious presence they felt in the psychic world. They call in Swamp Thing to help locate the house and also maybe see if this is connected. However, all of them run into a problem when Nightmares start attacking the world!

JLD 01
But before all of that, Swampy has a freakout.

It’s hard to go into detail or discuss much about this issue, since it’s rather average and plain. I was absolutely loving this comic during the “Books of Magic” arc when Jeff Lemire came abroad, but ever since the last arc and the co-writer came abroad, it hasn’t been nearly as amazing. Everything’s rather average from the dialogue, to the character bits, to the plotting. Not ever really bad, but nothing that ever really stands out besides some hints of the future war.

On the other hand, the art was great here. I’ve been following this comic since the beginning and it’s incredible how much Mikel Janin has improved. The action is drawn well, the villain reveal at the end is solid, the layouts are good and unique at points, and everyone looks good with telling facial expressions.

JLD 02
Though Xanadu here looks like she is getting high off those fumes in the back.


  • All of the writing is good
  • The art (especially some of the layouts) is good
  • Nothing particularly special or amazing

Is It Good?

Yes, but it’s not pretty great as it was before. I recommend checking this out regardless since it is still a good read and it’ll be necessary down the line when Trinity War hits, if you care to check out that event anyways.

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