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Is It Good? Unleashed #1 Review

Zenescope is kicking off its “event of the year” this week with Unleashed #1. Worlds collide as all of your favorite characters from the Zenescope multiverse come together to battle a most powerful foe. This double-sized #1 issue is chock-full of buxom babes, violence, and all the other things your pre-teen heart yearns for. But is it any good?

Unleashed #1 (Zenescope Entertainment)

I want to start off by admitting that I’ve never read a Zenescope book before this one. Part of the reason I decided to review this book was that, since it was a major crossover event, I thought it may be a good jumping-on point for new readers. Let me just tell you straight up: It isn’t.

Almost none of this book makes sense to me as a new reader. I mean, the basic premise is there: There is an evil being (appropriately referred to as “The Being”) who wants to do evil things and everybody else wants to, y’know, stop him. Any other details come with the price of assumed knowledge.

It does make sense that, since this is an event book, you should already be a fan of the characters and have some basic knowledge of the universes at play. However, there is little-to-nothing provided to help a newcomer comprehend what is happening to whom.

These two dudes stand at this grave for two entire pages. I have no idea why.

You know what I’ve never really appreciated while reading a major crossover event from either Marvel or DC? I never appreciated those little text boxes that simply gave the names of the characters I was reading about. I also never truly valued those (for a regular reader) groan-worthy origin summaries the characters would blather out during their first few panels. These are the kind of explanations that Unleashed is sorely missing.

What we do get is a lot of build up for what’s to come. There are a few moments of action and drama, but since I didn’t really know much about the characters in play I didn’t really care. In fact, the only characters I did really end up caring about are The Being and his sultry vamp-lady. I think her name is Samira. She’s only mentioned by name once and it was during an awkward transition panel.

Sure she’s evil, but I can deal.

The last third of the book is pretty decent with a nice mix of action and dialogue, although for the most part it stays on the generic “Mwahaha I’m evil” and “Yeah well I’m sassy!” side of the fence. I will admit that by the time things were wrapping up I was somewhat interested in the events of the upcoming issues. However, my interest almost entirely lies with Samira and the evil dude.

The art varies from decent to fairly bad. The artist transitions are blatant and the styles don’t really mesh well. You can tell that the high-priority panels were the ones that featured bangin’ babes and that the filler was treated as just that. Even one of the major plot-points in the book is enveloped in some bunk-ass art. I assume the additional artists were a result of a desired rush-completion. If that is the case I would like to say that I much would have preferred one consistent, quality artist.

That poor lady’s face.


  • There are a few pieces of decent art
  • Fans of the Zene universe may actually know what’s going on and subsequently care
  • Some of the art is straight-up wonky
  • You get a lot of pages but not a lot of content
  • They want six dollars for this!

Overall I think that this is a book that caters to Zenescope fans and few others. If you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll be buying this no matter what I tell you. If you’re a casual fan or a newcomer to the Zenescope line, I would suggest doing some research with back issues before diving into this event because you are going to get lost, quick.

Is it Good?

Not really. It is definitely not good for the price tag of $6.00.


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