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Is It Good? All-New X-Men #11 Review

Thanks to double shipping, a comic with slow pacing can feel a hell of a lot faster than it really is. All-New X-Men is the perfect example: the series started five short months ago and we’re already on issue #11.

Without it double shipping I don’t think fans could put up with just how slow things are moving. Sure we’re paying eight dollars a month instead of four for essentially a tiny bit more story (and we’re really only getting extra character development not more plot), but it’s okay when the series is as fun as this has been. Issue #11 hits this week and as always we answer the question: is it good?

All-New X-Men #11 (Marvel Comics)

The cover seems to suggest it’s a mystery who will join Cyclops’ ragtag team, but if you’ve been reading Uncanny X-Men you’ve known for weeks. (Highlight spoilers to read) Angel has joined his forces and while it’s not too surprising, it definitely isn’t the first person you’d suspect. Then again, if you saw how you ended up in the future you’d probably defect too.

Sadly this entire issue focuses on the final moment when the defector joins Cyclops and what happens in response to the choice. Boiled down to its essence, this issue is really all about Jean Grey and her inability to NOT use her newfound mind control powers when given the chance.

Note how the characters pull back in each frame as if to show the point of view of the character as they move through the crowd. Very cool.

If Chris Claremont is reading this series I bet he’s very jealous. Or maybe he’s angry, because he may have thought he put Jean Grey to bed forever. That said, it must be a hell of a lot of fun to write a character that’s been praised for so many years in so many stories. And she’s at her most vulnerable and interesting too. Writer Brian Bendis even points out this is a new Jean Grey due to the time travel and she may and most likely will evolve a lot differently than the Jean we know. Interesting stuff.

Did Magneto always have a weird blue rope go with his powers?

Stuart Immonen has never been this good. Composition and the acting of the characters are all impossibly well done. He makes the simplest of dialogue that much stronger and really there should be folks out there studying his work. Consider that this issue takes place in all of about 3 minutes of actual time: you wouldn’t know that judging by the story being told in every single panel, though. The most simplistic moment feels like an epic journey.

God damn Cuckoos.

I’ve been saying for months that this series moves too slowly for a higher grade than an 8, but when a story unfolds this well I can’t see it deserving anything less than a 9. The characters feel real and it’s written and drawn admirably. You’re right there with them, and even if not a lot happens, we’re given ample insight into what’s going on in their heads. Because it has time to flesh things out it makes the story stronger throughout.

What a dick move by Cyclops to say that.


  • Somebody get Stuart Immonen to draw reality itself!
  • So much is said in such a short amount of real time
  • The defector isn’t a surprise

The fact that I knew who would defect doesn’t make this issue any less interesting and enjoyable. I almost want to say it’s all on Immonen for why this issue is so good, but obviously Bendis had a hand in it as well. I really envy those who hold off or discover this when it’s all said and done. It’s going to be one amazing read from cover to cover. Of course, at the rate this story is going it may be around for 900 issues!

Is It Good?

Yes. Character, character, character, pacing, character, composition…so good.


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