To be honest, I really did not know what this comic was going to be about going into it. DC did a bad job in marketing it and I think there was like, only one interview before this thing was released. However, that’s not the point. The point is that DC Comics released a brand new #1 comic that contains mostly brand new characters and the real question remains: Is it Good?

The Movement #1 (DC Comics)

In Coral City, trouble is afoot: There’s a brutal killer on the loose and corruption is rampant in the city’s police department, which is a burden on the actually righteous police captain. While he is at the killer’s latest crime scene, chaos breaks out at a church where a possessed kid starts holding people hostage. However, things may not be as they seem when the cops show up and they come face to face with the Movement, a group of young superheroes who are protecting this part of town. They are not particularly big fans of cops, so things do not go well.

Judging by that statement, should you really be handing her your gun?

My initial impression of this comic: not too bad. The story was easy to follow and left a lot of things open to keep people interested, like the mysterious backstory for these characters and what brought them all together. The dialogue was fine and the pacing moved at the right speed, never dragging its feet or rushing through scenes.

However, the weakest part of this comic comes with its characters. While the mysterious aspect about this Channel M and the superheroes are fine, we don’t get to know any of them on a personal level or even a bit of their basic personality (though most of the teens act the same way). The only person we get to know a bit about is the police captain and we see that he is a good cop, but is having trouble handling things in his city. Other than that, there’s not much to these heroes and what is sort of there makes them come off more as jerks if anything, since besides two corrupt cops, I have yet to see a reason for why they are needed.

Also, they wear these weird masks. With no eyeholes, you start wondering how they can see anything out of them.

The art is done by Freddie Williams II and it’s not bad at all. The people are fine, though their faces looked like they’ve been pushed in, and the action is very energetic. The coloring and inking helps set the mood and tone nicely as well. Outside of maybe a questionable body pose, everything is just fine.



  • Very different from most DC Comics right now
  • Lots of potential
  • Good setup and story
  • Solid artwork
  • No characterization for any of the heroes
  • Needs more background for The Movement itself

Is It Good?

Yes. This comic feels incredibly unique in DC’s stable of comics with its premise and style. However, will people actually respond to that positively, along with the fact that these are all pretty new characters? Hopefully they do and hopefully this comic continues to get better as more issues come out.



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