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Is It Good? Robyn Hood: Wanted #1 Review

Issue #1 of the continuance of Zenescope’s Robyn Hood drops this week. It’s titled Robyn Hood: Wanted and follows our cycloptic heroine as she attempts to return her life to normalcy after the nonsense that occurred in last summer’s original run. Let’s see if it’s any good.

Robyn Hood: Wanted #1 (Zenescope Entertainment)

The majority of this issue is spent piecing together what we have missed since our gal Robyn murdered those dinks last summer. We get to see Robyn on the lamb as well as confront some of the daddy issues that I assume all female Zenescope characters innately have.

Because Zenescope characters weren’t stripper-y enough.

We also get to look back into the realm of Myst where the once-named Bree has been conveniently rebranded as Nottingham, just in time for a certain “Sheriff” figure to emerge.

Overall the pacing is very good. The story moves along quickly thanks to the “split the difference” dual-world narration. There are a few decent bits of action and there are enough interesting morsels of story to leave you interested in issue #2.

Is It Good?


  • Solid pacing keeps everything moving
  • Art is fluid and well done
  • The setup doesn’t leave room for much else
  • Some dialogue is a bit cringe-worthy

The art by Larry Watts is quite nice. The characters and backgrounds are well done and the paneling is interesting and fluid. The creative team of Shand/Watts seems remarkably solid and I hope that the entire run is completed by the two together.

Overall, I think that Robyn Hood: Wanted #1 is quite good. Here’s hoping that with all of the background catchup out of the way this series continues its six-part run strong.


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