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Is It Good? Madness of Wonderland #4 Review

Though this is the fourth issue in a four part series this is the first issue I read. I try this book out to ask the question that’s on all your minds… is it good?

Madness of Wonderland #4 (Zenescope Entertainment)

Brendan Harvey and I commented on the cover in our Comic Book Previews column back on Monday, but it still shocks me how gratuitous it is, particularly in how it spoils the conclusion of this issue! Either way, don’t expect such a blood and sex ridden book, but instead expect a cop drama that is a test of wills.

This is how serial killers are made.

This issue cuts back and forth between the childhood of our protagonist cop and present day, where we learn she’s uncovered her partner as a serial killer. Or is he? Most of this issue spends its time with each character shouting that somebody is a psycho. It might have come off as stronger if I had known their interactions building up to this issue, but I couldn’t help but think these characters need to learn shouting louder doesn’t make you more right. (I hope Bill O’Reilly isn’t reading this.) By issue’s end you’ll probably think everyone is a psycho, but then again this series is called Madness for a reason.

No, but you do have insane eyes!

This issue is similar to the film Seven only I’ve missed all the build up to really punch home the big reveal at the end. The twist ending is intriguing however, and I can’t help but look forward to where the characters stand when we see them again. I won’t ruin it here, but let’s just say this issue does a good job exploring a character losing their mind. That can only mean unhealthy character development in the future when they look back on the events here.

Ahhh! She has crazy eyes too!

The art by Oscar Celestini and Federico de Luca is enjoyable enough; they do a good job with shadows and atmosphere throughout this issue. Most of the backgrounds are rather blank however, but the dark inkwork helps sell that evil is lurking at every corner.

Someone get this woman a bigger shirt.


  • Moody atmospheric art
  • Strong characters
  • Some throwaway dialogue for sure

I came into this issue knowing nothing, but came out enjoying what it had to offer. I had to piece some things together on my own, because the writing didn’t do me too many favors as far as catching me up, but dang did I leave this comic wanting to know more about our protagonist. It certainly helped the moody atmospheric art kept things twisted and a bit mental.

Is It Good?

Yes. I want to go back and read the first three to see how strong this four part series is as a whole. That’s saying something!


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