Second issues are typically the weakest issue in a story arc. The characters and plot have already been introduced and the big selling point that got the issue OK’d in the first place has already been made.

Issue two is usually spent ironing out what is needed in order to get the show on the road, which can bog things down and otherwise make for a boring, skippable issue. It’s no coincidence the second issue in a series is under ordered by comic retailers. They know the fans came for #1 and aren’t so sure about #2. It’s not until the figures come back on #2 or even #3 before they know how many issues to order. So, here we are with the second issue in Zenescope’s Unleashed tie in…is it good?

GFT Vampires The Eternal #2 (Zenescope Entertainment)

For those of you who missed our 1 review of GFT Vampires The Eternal #1, click the link.

Issue number one was enjoyable not necessarily for its setting up of the story, but for the humor and interesting character developments. Issue number two seems to have lost the humor, but continues to flesh out the protagonist’s backstory. Samira wants to rule all vampires, but needs to deal with a group of vampires that sired her before she can carry out her plans.

Side note: anyone looking for the character that graces the cover look elsewhere, I have no idea why she’s there.

I want a pet werewolf!

Writer Pat Shand does a good job pacing the flashbacks in the story as we learn how Samira started out as a fresh vampire with big ideas. It seems her ideas may have been influenced by the promises of the New World. It’s an interesting aspect that’s told outright and not investigated too deeply. The character’s naivete is explored and this aspect is what drove my interest in the story. It’s hard to understand how far she’s come however, particularly because I haven’t read anything about this character aside from this series.

In France everyone is named Pierre.

I found the final few pages a bit confusing, but I think I can infer what is going on. It’s just a shame because the setup for the next issue isn’t the clearest it could be. That said, there are some strong elements at play when it comes to character experiences made stronger by the blood dripping flashback mechanism at work.

These guys need a buddy comedy stat!

Artist Vittorio Garofoli does a good job keeping the story moving forward, but there are a few faces that are indiscernible. Overall though it’s a strong showing with fluid movement and action throughout.

Blood roses my favorite!


  • Samira’s rise from naive child to queen is entertaining
  • Confused on where this is going
  • Not the best interior pencils by a Zenescope artist

Much like the #2 issues for any series I’m hesitant to suggest this is a home run issue. I’m not sure where this miniseries is going, and while there’s some interesting character development in play, I don’t know if I’m sold on its genuineness.

Is It Good?

Give it a flip through but it might be best to wait for issue #3.