Nova has always been a big part of the Marvel Now! reboot along with Guardians of the Galaxy. Both deal with the cosmic side of things and both are going to be a big deal in a year when the Guardians film hits theaters. I wasn’t a big fan of writer Jeph Loeb’s first two issues of Nova, but hell, let’s give it another chance eh? Is it good?

Nova Vol. 5 #4 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue kid Nova took the call to be a hero and rocketed into space. He discovered a bunch of ships that look strikingly similar to the ships we saw in the Avengers movie last summer. (The Chitauri.) Being as green as he is at fighting the bad guys he got his clock knocked in. All we know is this army is headed for Earth.

My my you look familiar.

The best part of this series so far is Loeb’s ability to capture the voice of this young hero. He’s a kid, that’s pretty much the angle of this series, but he’s also a way to introduce the cosmic side of Marvel to all the new fans. He knows a bit of what’s going on from his father, but overall he’s as green as the new readers. All that doesn’t matter much this issue, as it’s main focus is revealing what’s at stake and it’s a doozy.

Damn skippy!

This series has a problem with pacing, namely nothing much happens in every single issue. For $4.00 Marvel sure is asking a lot of the readers to pay up for this series. Maybe they expect us to read the comic for the art and coloring because both are very bombastic and fun. Ed McGuinness is like some kind of primo artist when it comes to cartoony yet detailed. So much of his work has a shine and rounded edge that compliments the youthful look of things.

Why, what big cannons you have.


  • Super shiny fun time art
  • Not a bad story so far
  • But it is a slowwwww story

Things are coming together and I want to keep reading, but dang do they give you a meager amount of story per issue. Chris Claremont must be rolling his eyes in disgust!

Is It Good?

Nah. This begs to be read collected because its over before it begins.