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Is It Good? Avengers #12 Review

Since last time I reviewed this issue, Infinity was announced, a comic written by the same author as this one, Jonathan Hickman. Avengers will be tying into it and these upcoming issues will be leading towards that event. With the addition of a brand new co-writer to this comic, does it have what it takes to properly lead into this big event and not be so completely drawn out as usual? More importantly, is it good?

Avengers #12 (Marvel Comics)

Avengers #12 Cover

After taking some of the kids from the Garden Site in the Savage Land, Iron Man decides to get some of the Avengers together to help teach and integrate the new kids into the world. So they all go on a field trip to the Savage Land, do some minor teaching, melodramatic dialogue is exchanged by many, and something happens on the last two pages. Like #9 and pretty much every issue of this run, that’s it and frankly, it’s really not much.

Avengers 01
Yes, watch those kids get carried off. It’s not like any of you superheroes can do anything to stop this.

Having read the last two issues and now this one, this comic still suffers from being extremely slow. Hell, sometimes you feel like nothing has been accomplished at all at the end of an issue as well and you’re left wondering what the point was of what you just read. This comic has a bit of that problem, since nothing really happens until the final page and points you even wonder if this will mean anything. This issue really feels has little going for in terms of plot advancement or character, besides maybe some stuff from Hyperion.

Avengers 02
Oh dear god, the cheese on the last line.

Like I brought up in the beginning, we have a new co-writer aboard with Nick Spencer. Apparently he did the dialogue and some plot points from what I heard. Honestly though, it still reads like the last few issues. I don’t see a writing difference at all except for two scenes, so I don’t see his inclusion as a much of a difference. What I did notice that felt different was the scene between Thor and the kids about him telling them about one of the older Asgardian tales, which was a legitimately enjoyable.

Avengers 03
The other involved Spider-Woman and Hawkeye, though it makes them out to terrible babysitters if anything.


  • The artwork is nice.
  • The Avengers were given some focus this issue.
  • The scene with Thor and the kid was very enjoyable.
  • Plot still stretched thin and not very memorable.
  • The addition of a second writer has changed very little.
  • The dialogue can be boring and melodramatic.

The art for this comic is fine. The penciling, the inking, the coloring, and the layouts are all just fine, but that is it. It’s just average work that does not do anything to either impress or be memorable for the reader, but it doesn’t do anything particularly awful either. The only thing I can really comment on is that I couldn’t tell that was Hawkeye right off the bat until he was holding his bow later on.

Is It Good?

Not really. While the issue was certainly better than usual, it really continues the boring and uneventful trend of dragging the story out and accomplishing little or nothing in an issue. With the new event, Infinity, that is extremely important apparently, this comic is going to need to get moving and show why any of this stuff is actually important.


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