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Is It Good? GFT Werewolves: The Hunger #1 Review

Zenescope’s monster madness summer event continues with more tie in issues bringing into focus four monster hunters. Call me crazy, but I like the idea of an event focusing on monster hunters. God knows DC doesn’t even try with monster hunters and Marvel hasn’t done it right since Blade. This week we have a werewolf hunter, but in his comic incarnation, is it good?

GFT Werewolves: The Hunger #1 (Zenescope Entertainment)

There are a few things in this issue that are straight up cliches, starting with the grizzled monster hunter chasing a werewolf into a camp of teenagers who are sinning it up with sex and booze. There is however an original idea afoot, focusing on a veterinarian who’s up to some shady animal business and forcing her interns to do bad things. Assuming the werewolf/hunter aspect isn’t too bad, we might have ourselves a good comic here.

Graahh! I learned my growl from London fools! Or was it Paris?

I demand they be nude in this shot, much like the cover!

Mark L. Miller does a great job with dialogue and pacing, keeping things moving but also the mystery alive. The book opens with a man wondering if he should have let his daughter go out, and when a werewolf literally storms through his living room in the direction of his daughter…well that’s just depressing, ain’t it? I would have enjoyed a bit more humor considering this is all ground we’ve tread before, but it works which is good enough for me. What pulls the reader along is the vet side story which ends up with a pretty nifty cliffhanger.

Who are these dudes and why do they call this old man not one but two names!

Elmer V. Cantada does a nice job with mood and atmosphere throughout. He takes some chances when it comes to composition too, which is helpful in kicking things up a notch. There are some awkward panels, particularly when a random SWAT team pops in, but overall things move smoothly along.

I’m not familiar with the grizzled old timer monster hunter, but aside from him losing his family I’m not sure you need to know much. I never once thought, “oh what’s his deal” and maybe that’s because he’s serving his purpose by simply blasting werewolves. Who needs character development when you got that?! There is an interesting moment he has which is made stronger by the composition of the page which you can see here:


  • Werewolf looks great
  • Interesting plotting afoot
  • Some shoddy art here and there

I’m on board for this tie-in. I like the angle it’s taking, especially with a veterinarian who may or may not be doing some werewolf research. The grizzled monster hunter is just okay, but I’m willing to take his cliched character along for the ride if it means some werewolf prodding in the right direction.

Is It Good?

It ain’t bad if that’s what you’re asking. A good first issue.


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