And after so many years of world (or is it universe?) building, new characters being created and old ones being developed, tons of events, and lots of bright colors; Geoff Johns is finally bring his long running Green Lantern run to a close. So with this final issue, the grand conclusion, there’s a question on everyone’s mind: is it good?

Green Lantern #20 (DC Comics)

Volthoom has the Guardians right he wants them in his little trap, Hal Jordan has died and is about to rise again, and Sinestro is going yellow. There are so many things going on here that it’s hard to condense everything into a single paragraph without giving any more away than that. Let’s just say it’s completely epic and one hell of a ride from start to finish.

There were a lot of things and I do mean a lot! Almost every hanging plot thread seems to be wrapped up here, some final bits of character development that brings everyone’s arcs to their natural conclusions (at least as how they were presented throughout the entire run, mind you), and it also ends with some final wrap up pages that tell about most of the main characters’ fates at the end. With so much happening, it can be very tiring and ending it all on the final fight with one of the weakest villains in the run was probably not for the best.

It doesn’t help that he looks bored or tired throughout the issue.

However, despite the lackluster villain and the overwhelming amount of story content (some of which turns out to be pointless), this was still a damn good ending to Johns’ time on Green Lantern with how it all came together. Those final pages where the characters reunite and we get to see their endings were really emotional and felt incredibly satisfying to see everyone get what they truly deserved and earned in the end. Plus, the quotes from other authors and Geoff’s goodbye letter at the end were really the icing on the cake to this.


  • An epic and satisfying conclusion
  • The ending scenes are really heartwarming
  • The art is just perfect and really gives the ending the right tone
  • The First Lantern was ultimately very boring.
  • A bit too much happening that can lead to some points being pointless.

The issue was drawn by Doug Mahnke (with the exception of a couple of pages) and it was really well done. The emotion, the action, the epic feel and tone presented, and even those huge full page and two page spreads. It’s all just beautiful to look at and some of Mahnke’s best work yet from what I’ve seen of him.

Is It Good?

Yes! It was extremely good and just a near perfect way to wrap up everything, while also leaving plenty of things on the table for the next writers to use (good luck to them). If you have been following this run since the beginning, prepare to be rewarded greatly for sticking it with to the very end.