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Is It Good? Mind MGMT #11 Review

There are times when the art in a comic is so polarizing you don’t even realize there’s a writer involved. This can go both ways from the good to the very, very bad. Mind MGMT is somewhere in the middle, where the writing isn’t overshadowed by the art, but it’s not getting too many favors from it either. We reviewed and enjoyed the last issue, but who’s to say this month’s issue is worthy of a yes when we ask the question, is it good?

Mind MGMT #11 (Dark Horse Comics)

If you missed it, check out our review of Mind MGMT #10 here.

It’s impossible not to talk about the art when you’re talking about this series. Just scroll down to see some of the panels Matt Kindt has produced and you’ll note there’s nothing else like it on the stands. Last issue introduced a new character to the mind-powered heroes that make up Mind MGMT who can see into the future only a few moments. This issue delivers a bit of his backstory before he joins a team in their most dangerous adventure yet next issue.

Cool art to convey an interesting concept.

Fortunately for most photorealistic comic book art it’s easy to skim and understand so quickly you pass right over it. Only a handful of artists demand you look for longer than a moment to enjoy just how good it can be. Artists like Mike Allred and Fiona Staples come to mind, and I think Kindt falls under this category as well. Upon first glance you could flip through this issue and say it’s terrible. Faces can look rudimentary, backgrounds slipshod and general blocking stiff. But if you give it a second and really dig into what Kindt is doing you’ll reveal an incredibly interesting and unique world no other comic artist could compare.

That’s the guy who got hit with the umbrella!

The car panel above is a good example of this. If you give the words a second and really look at the picture you have one of the coolest pages seen in comics this side of 2013.


The story is quite good too, especially in this issue. You get a sense of the sorrow the character went through, and what it means for him to join the MGMT group this go around. He’s doing it not for himself but for something greater…or someone greater.



  • Art worth your time and energy
  • Strong characters
  • No action for you action nuts

This is one of those series you’ll gift to loved ones and they’ll scoff. “I don’t read comics,” they’ll say or, “This isn’t for me.” But if they give it a chance they’ll realize there’s a gem of a read worthy of time and energy. Not a lot of comics nail mood, atmosphere and a character’s inner turmoil. This comic does it, every single issue, and it’s good stuff.

Is It Good?

Yes. It’s so easy to be bored by the art and not give it a chance, but really if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a very cool read indeed.


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