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Is It Good? The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #1 Review

Now here’s a weird thing for DC to bring back and reboot: The Green Team, of all things. I’d never heard of them before this title was announced, but researching them showed how odd of a title it was. Lots of people I heard from were upset that DC is bringing this back instead of a popular character or series, but I don’t mind. As long as it is good, that’s all that matters. Speaking of which, is it good?

The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #1 (DC Comics)

Prince Mohammed Gahtanii’s father was invited to check this little expo where the latest in gadgetry and science are being shown off. The expo itself was created by the Green Team, which consists of the richest teenagers in the world. His father refuses and Mohammed decides to go instead, to see if he can learn anything from it and prove to his father his own worth. While there, he meets the teens and ends up causing some big trouble when he tweets about the location of where the expo is being taken place.

Like accidently leading this odd fella to the location.

This is probably the most different and unique of any DC comic right now, including The Movement. It really does not feel like this comic takes place in the DC universe with absolutely no mention of superheroes or superpowers going on in here. While that could turn people off a little bit, I find it quite refreshing and it helps separate it from the other comics as its own thing.

Besides its own uniqueness and the interesting villain that pops up towards the end, nothing else is particularly amazing. It’s all fine mind you, but it does not really grab you right off the bat. The characters are all introduced, but most of them could use a bit more development. It’s a very wordy and dialogue-heavy comic, but its only really average stuff. Also, besides the villain, I’m not sure of where this comic will be going from what was presented. I’m hoping the second issue spells out a clearer direction for where these characters will be going.

Weirdo? Considering all of you, he’s probably the most normal teen here.

The art for the comic is very good and it has a cartoony feel in a way with the expression and movements of the characters. It’s a good style, but if going for that, this comic could stand to be a bit funnier since it’s really lacking in the humor department. Besides that though, everything is definitely appealing and great to look at. However, when the comic pulls back from people, it starts getting less detailed and people begin to look pretty odd.

What’s going on with the girl in the pink shirt’s face?!


  • A very different kind of DC comic.
  • The artwork is very nice.
  • The writing is decent.
  • The characters need more developing.
  • A clear direction within the comic is needed.
  • Does not really pick up till halfway through.

Is It Good?

It’s enjoyable, but not particularly amazing first start for the Green Team comic. If it develops the characters more, adds in more humor, and also gives the comic a clear direction, we could easily have probably one of the more surprising standouts in terms of uniqueness for DC. Let’s keep our eyes on it and hope it gets better from here.


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