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Is It Good? Uncanny Avengers #8AU Review

Comic book tie-ins are typically unnecessary fodder for the fans who want a little more from the characters the grace the cover. Writer Rick Remender has been telling folks for weeks this is a must-read issue if you’ve been following along in Avengers. That means even if you hate Age of Ultron you’re stuck with buying a tie-in. Damn you Marvel! We read it and can confirm it does appear to connect, but is it good?

Uncanny Avengers #8AU (Marvel Comics)

If you’re reading this and haven’t been reading the Age of Ultron series you’re s--t out of luck. There’s a hell of a lot you’ll need to be caught up on. Just know that Ultron blew up the world, Wolverine killed Hank Pym and now there’s a new world. Not confusing…right? Okay, it is, and this issue takes it a step farther by showing us the Apocalypse twins as kids. They’re all grown up in the current story of Avengers, but here they are children and this issue sheds some light on Kang’s rearing of the super evil mutants.

…an egotistical s--t who talks in the third person…

Maybe I’m crazy but Kang can transverse dimensions as well as time? I thought he was just a time traveller. Unless of course this is the first proof the Age of Ultron storyline is taking place in the 616 universe. No way to really tell considering Marvel hasn’t given us a scrap of info as to when or where it’s taking place. That said, Kang decides to teach his Apocalypse twins a lesson by sicking them on Colonel America. If they can kill them they learned a valuable lesson. I don’t know how, but whatever, just go with it.

Who talks like that?

Aside from the twins and their characters—which are incredibly well rendered in this issue I might add—all we really get is a couple tasty factoids about some of the heroes we haven’t seen in the main book yet. If you’re just dying to know where Havok has been and who he’s married to this is the book for you. If not, well…you do get some awesome Cap fighting! Really the meat of this issue is all about the twins, their personalities and their relationship to Kang. Not much has been said in this regard over in Avengers so it’s pretty important if you hold character development as a valuable thing. Now, if you’re just looking for the bang bang this still may be the best issue for you.

So that must hurt.

Andy Kubert is on art and he does a sweet job of it, especially considering this is just a lowly tie-in. Most tie-ins get the second tier artists because really, let’s be honest, this is just filler junk material. Not so here, as he lends his impeccably classic style to the issue. I’m not a big fan of his odd diagonal slicing panels and I’m not sure it really fits with this story, but it’s exciting and well rendered.

Wolverine reference it must be!


  • Action packed story
  • Neat details if you’re into elseworld stuff
  • Good character development on the twins
  • If Marvel throws this universe away this will mostly be throwaway stuff
  • Cross hatching panels oddly don’t fit

Action, character development and some interesting twists. What more could you ask from a comic? Well, for starters, it’d be nice if a comic of this quality happened in a universe that actually mattered, but maybe it’s a little too early to say as such of this series. For what it’s worth it’s entertaining comics and that’s all that matters. If you don’t read Avengers you won’t find much to enjoy here and if you don’t read Age of Ultron either…well go buy a Dark Horse comic or something you weirdo.

Is It Good?

Yes. Come for the art and enjoy the character dev…if you read Avengers that is.


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