So last time I was with this comic, I didn’t come away from it in the best mood. But you know what? I’m not going to let that cloud my judgment on this Annual. This is not attached to Justice League of America like before, which should allow it to do its own thing. That’s good, right? Right?! Well let’s just see. Is it good?

Catwoman Annual #1 (DC Comics)


Things… happened in this comic. Starting from the top, someone’s killing off or targeting members of a gang called the Rat-Tails, Penguin is trying to kill Catwoman for grave robbing, a police detective has a grudge against Catwoman for some reason and wants her so badly to be guilty of some of the murders of the Rat-Tail members, and there’s some black popsicles out there that are poisonous and addictive maybe? There’s more, but honestly, there’s so many damn things going on here with it constantly and rapidly jumping all over the place that it’s extremely annoying, vague, and unengaging trying to follow it all.

My god are there so many jokes I could make about this one panel.

I’m really not sure what to make of this issue. Like I said, it’s trying to do a lot, but it’s not very good at it. All of these plotlines seem so rushed and shoved in that I’m not sure what is going on or what I should be focusing on. It’s not helped by the awful dialogue and narration in this comic. People do not talk like normal human beings in this and the characterization and plot details presented through it leave you scratching your head in confusion. It’s just so bad that it needs to be read to be believed.

Taunted the night? What the hell are you talking about?

Whoa, that escalated quickly.

Okay the writing and the story was terrible, but what about the art? Well it was just fine. Not much in the way of action or excitement this issue, despite an ice cream truck shooting up in a neighborhood (long story there), but some decent emotion from the characters and some good looking settings. However, the art was really wasted here on such lackluster writing and storytelling.

You kidding me? You look more like a vampire than her.


  • The artwork was very nice looking.
  • Lots of setup for future stories.
  • Pretty much all of the writing from the dialogue to the pacing.

Is It Good?

Hell no. This was awful, just really awful. If you are looking for something to scratch your Catwoman itch, just go out and buy Judd Winick and Ed Brubaker’s runs with the character. You could seriously be spending your money on much better things Catwoman related.

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