Venezuelan cosplayer Mappy Sanchez used Misty costume. It was super-effective!

And she uh… really cares about her Staryu, now doesn’t she? On the plus side, now you don’t have to feel quite so skeevy for having that crush on the Water-type Pokemon trainer and Cerulean City Gym Leader back when you were growing up. Although, much like us, you can wonder where the hell Psyduck is during all of this.




Check out Mappy’s DeviantArt page for more gaming and geek-related costume endeavors.


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  • Neil DeGrasse Bison

    I’ve never wanted to be a Staryu more in my life. Well, except that one time at the beach when I was eight.

  • TheAmishPimp

    My right hand just unzipped my trousers… it was super weird!