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Is It Good? Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible #3 Review

Despite its title, there is nothing “Terrible,” about this arc of Abe Sapien. F--k is it rad. Picture Abe with Hellboy strength, but still Abe smarts. Ugh! I want to hang out with Abe. I wanted to hang out with HB, but then he went to Hell. I imagine Hell ain’t fun. But hey, maybe I could hang out with Anna Nicole.
Let’s get into this b---h!

Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Mike Mignola and Scott Allie really bad-assed up Abe. Fishy bastard is whooping some serious monster ass! Also, the way they made the preacher turn into a monster was great. He’s all preachin’ tolerance, and then WHAM! Take that humans! Turn the other cheek, yeah right! Eat my weird red, herpes-covered-looking claw, biatches!

Sebastian Fiumara. Dude. I got hardcore monster boners. Oh, it’s like the good ol’ days of Hellboy, only Abe is in his place! Green replaces red. The saga continues, the circle is complete and all that good stuff. And these monsters are so cool! So f-----g awesome. I love monsters! AHHHHHH!!! Sorry, I just feel like an excited kid again.

And when Abe Sapien is in your panel with a shotgun. BAM! Fiumara, you f-----g killed it, brah. I love your art, dude. Please continue to draw many, many, many, many things for my eye holes. Hell, why not a Lovecraft adaptation?

Uh, I mean, yes, Fiumara has an incredible grasp of shadow, and is excellent at scale, and proportion.

No Country for Old Non-Fish Men.


  • Abe kicks monster ass!
  • Abe with a shotgun
  • Monsters. Monsters. Monsters.
  • Unsatisfying ending.

Is It Good?

YES! Abe with a shotgun! Abe beating the piss out of Monsters! F--k! So good! Righteous! Ah! And he ends the comic going into the sea! That said, the ending is fairly unsatisfying. I want answers. Why did wheelchair b---h say those things to Abe? Why homeboy going back into the sea? So many questions!



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