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Is It Good? Locke and Key Omega #5

Joe “The Storm” Hill. “Gabby” Gabriel Rodriguez. These are nicknames that nobody uses for Joe Hill or Gabriel Rodriguez. … Oh right, review of Locke and Key Omega, issue 5.

Locke and Key Omega #5 (IDW )

My cat really loved this issue. She clearly couldn’t wait to show me how much. She hopped onto the desk with my computer and keyboard on it, over, and over, and over. While I both read the issue, and attempted to write this review for it. So, Lillehammer (my cat) thinks it’s good. She even attempted to write part of the review, though it was largely unintelligible. Thanks sweety. Now please, for the love of all that is holy, f--k off and let me write this f-----g review before I toss my chair through the nearest f-----g window! Thanks Pooky.

Hill somehow manages to throw in silly jokes even while heavy events go down. It’s a difficult balancing act. Too much humor, and it takes away the gravitas of the dramatic action. Too little, and things can get heavy-handed very quickly. Joe manages to throw in touching moments, dick jokes, creepy shadow monsters, and little thought people (just read the series, I don’t feel like explaining it). I don’t want to make the obvious comparison, but it seems in the tone department, the Big Mac doesn’t fall far from the fries. Though he uses markedly less chambray. I am beginning to wonder if the Corgi ever wrote anything.

The pacing slows a bit about halfway through this issue. Last issue was a cheetah on crack. This issue is more like a lioness on meth, only halfway through she starts hitting the come-down. (Holy crap, a lioness on meth would be horrifying. Don’t give big cats drugs people. The more you know.) This slow down provides a bleaker, quiet-before-the-storm type of atmosphere. The whole series has been coming to this, and you know it. The end is nigh as s--t.

I love Gabriel Roriguez’s art. The facial expressions he gives to these characters are some of the finest to be found in comic art.

Aw Hell to the naw! No one is going to believe the black man who says the cop got beheaded by a shadow demon! I’m gettin’ the f--k outta here!

While I’m not a huge fan of a rounded-off style, everything is just so f-----g beautiful Gabriel draws, that I completely overlook my obnoxious snobbery towards ovals. The perspectives are still killer, and the shadow creatures are still eerie. The art compliments the tone of things coming to a head. And that f-----g walkway, with the shadow on either side. Gorgeous.


  • A great balance of heavy drama, and dick jokes.
  • The pacing is masterful.
  • The art is beautiful.
  • A palpable feeling of the end drawing closer.
  • Rufus is mentioned, but not seen once.

Is It Good?

Let’s face facts. When it comes to horror comics, there is a lot of repetition. Themes get abused like a whore at a millionaire coke party. Abused like a heroin addict in a rugby game. Abused like my drug analogies. But, Locke and Key is original. And when you find an original horror series, you cling on to it like a lover who’s just told you they are dying of cancer, and only have a few months left. You want to spend all your time with them, and let them know that you appreciate them. That they mean a lot to you, and will be remembered.

So yeah, it’s good. Go read it.


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