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Is It Good? GFT Hunters The Shadowlands #2 Review

Fear, nightmares, faith.

These are a few of the words floating around in my head after reading one of Zenescope Entertainment’s new releases this week. If fear is the opposite of faith, what is the opposite of nightmares? Before we can answer that we must ask ourselves, is it good?

GFT Hunters The Shadowlands #2 (Zenescope Entertainment)

Last issue a bunch of ragtag monster hunters entered the Shadowlands, a dimension of nightmares, and are trying to keep their wits about them. At the same time the future queen of the vampires named Samira is on a quest of her own to meet up with a very big bad evil.

That is a pretty sick panel I must say.

This issue balances the two stories well which is aided by some taut pacing. It’d be interesting to see how the writing was split up between Raven Gregory and Pat Shand, as some scenes work better than others. Unfortunately for this issue the monster hunter jamboree is outdone by a Gollum sounding slug monster who keeps screaming and whining.

The dialogue is funny and odd, but for the life of me I was confused by what was going on between the hunters. It doesn’t help that, when it cuts away to “before” I was confused by what happens. I won’t ruin it here, because it likely it has ramifications later, so read at your own risk: but I wasn’t sure why a mommy werewolf had to die, or what it had to do with a request made by a skull.

I want one!

Of course, seeing a mommy werewolf is actually a pretty neat thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that, but heck, it’s hard to like the hero when he kills a monster with such cute kids.

That isn’t to say the hunter’s bit is a complete wash however, as it ends with a very climactic and exciting twist. Although there’s about five pages where I was scratching my head or wondering why I should care. I suppose it doesn’t help they’re just standing around and not explaining themselves. Thankfully though it certainly ends on a note that’ll make readers want to come back next month for more.


When the comic cuts to Samira and her pet werewolf there’s much more meaning and they are generally more clear. That helps of course, and is strengthened by the concepts introduced about faith, losing one’s faith, what becomes of us without faith, etc. It’s also interesting to see the evil vamp that is Samira show some kindness, however brief and genuine.

Look at those eyes! I could get lost in them.

The art by Tazio Bettin and Zach Basset is good to great depending on the page. This is another instance where I wish it was more obvious how their work was divvied up. Combined they do a good job telling the story and everything is quite clean. There is however, a few pages where the eyes on the characters are straight up outstanding.


  • Good art that’s telling a story
  • Interesting concepts touched on
  • For a summer tie-in it brings the epic
  • Straight up confused why Mommy Werewolf has to die
  • Hunters have nothing to do besides whine

By issues end it’s clear this was a good issue that could have been a home run, save for its inability to give the heroes much to do. That said, there were exciting moments and some surprising ones, all of which make me want to read the next issue. When you consider how many summer event tie ins are complete wastes I’m not sure there’s much more you can ask for than to get a story that drives the reader to want to read the next issue.

Is It Good?

Good, but doesn’t quite make it for all 20 pages.


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