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Panels in Poor Taste: 6/14/13 – Lost But Not Found: Nipples, Heads and Pants

Welcome to our 21st Panels In Poor Taste, the Friday column that picks the grossest, funniest and most egregiously smut-laden comic book panels that occurred the previous Wednesday.

This week, Lady Bullseye needs a sports bra, Wolverine needs a plastic surgeon and DC Comics rewrites history.

Savage Wolverine #6

Written by Zeb Wells | Art byJoe Madureira

Dave: How does this costume work exactly? If it’s her skin where are her nipples? If it’s really skin tight clothes….doesn’t she need more support than that? Lady needs em tucked tight nah mean?

Sean: With that background, her tits kind of look like planets.

Jordan: I think she went to the same costume shop that Catwoman did back in the 90s.

Russ: Maybe Lady Bullseye just has inverted nipples, fellas. Or the medical disease athelia: the congenital absence of one or both nipples.

Also, don’t hate on 90’s Jim Balent Catwoman, Jordan. At least she had the semblance of nipples.

Dave: Of the many sound effects they go with “squirch” in all its wet glory. Lets all pretend Kingpin is making wine with his hands and forget about that ninja head.

Sean: Do the Kingpin! SQUIRCH!

Uncanny X-Force Vol. 2 #6

Written Sam Humphries | Art byAdrian Alphona & Dexter Soy

Dave: Somebody needs a neck job.

Jordan: There’s a sheep walking upside down in the third panel. Like Wolverine said, what the **** is this?

Sean: To answer your question Jordan, it appears that the sheep are jumping. But, yes, I agree.

What the **** is this s--t?

Russ: Soon, we will feed.

The Manhattan Projects #12

Written by Jonathan Hickman | Art by Nick Pitarra

Dave: This is actually a scene that took place in an earlier issue only it’s being shown again with new details, but the melting flesh still gets me. Yuck.

Sean: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha?

Jordan: Ha! Ha! Ha! Hey, why are we laughing again?

Superman Unchained #1

Written by Scott Snyder | Art by Jim Lee

Dave: It might annoy folks that DC Comics is changing the events that took place at Nagasaki in 1945 so that, instead of dropping an atomic bomb, a super powered being blew them up instead as you can see here.

I wonder how Americans would feel if, instead of dropping down on Nagasaki, that super powered being was inside an airplane barreling into the Twin Towers.

Jordan: Damn you electric Blue Superman!

Sean: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a war crime!

Six-Gun Gorilla #1 (of 6)

Written by Simon Spurrier | Art by Jeff Stokely

Dave: War is Hell. And Hell is a Doom blasting antimatter gun!

Jordan: Who ever drew this has something seriously against people’s faces.

Sean: Gives new meaning to “doom metal.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 #3

Written by Brian Michael Bendis | Art by Steve McNiven & Sara Pichelli

Dave: You know they didn’t stick her in a antistasis machine for her health right? It was all to get her in a one piece underwear flesh heavy action sequence!

Deadpool #11

Written by Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan | Art byMike Hawthorne

Jordan: Hmm… I don’t think this is an effective advertising campaign to get people interested in your product…

Dave: One could say it, wait for it….breaks the competition! ::RIMSHOT::

Sean: Dude, just be glad he didn’t make a Lucky Charms joke. Youch.

Russ: Well, that’s not very humerus, now is it?! — Bob Saget hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos voice

GFT Hunters The Shadowlands #2

Written by Pat Shand & Raven Gregory | Art by Tazio Bettin & Zach Basset

Dave: Just because you’re a werewolf doesn’t make you a bad mommy!

Sean: Oh god, the little one howling in the bottom of the right panel! No, I will not cry during a Poor Taste panel, I will not (bites fist).


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