I had originally hoped my title for this review would be “How Can Anyone Hate this Movie?”. But things don’t always go as planned… (Before we continue, I just want to start by saying this review will be littered with spoilers. I tell you this now because this movie was such a piece of garbage you shouldn’t even care.)

Why do people keep giving these rash directors films to ruin? Of all the people Christopher Nolan chooses, he picks the man who brought you Sucker Punch. It’s like continuing to give M. Night Shyamalan work; it just doesn’t add up. They are clearly so out of touch with how to pull together a great movie, even with the unlimited resources Hollywood has to offer.

Here’s a tip, Snyder: Pull your goddamn camera back like, a foot, maybe even two feet, for like one shot of the movie. This whole thing was filmed in closeups/medium closeups and it gets old real quick. I would love to see Superman kick ass from a distance, have a conversation, hell, take a dump for that matter without the camera being inches from his face (or rectum?) at all times. Let me see him fly over land from 100 feet away so I can really grasp how fast he’s going. Not every fight has to be done close up, let me see them duke it out for a minute without doing a camera change every second on every intricate move. We get it, you have to establish the coffee pot was put back. The only other cool camera angle Snyder does is starting far back and zooming in while following a spaceship/Superman (Which is clearly stolen from Battlestar Galactica. You know the one I’m talking about.)

Production Design

I start with this because it is one of the few things good about this movie. Alex McDowell, I tip my hat to you. Krypton looked phenomenal and was very lifelike, especially in 3D (Although Man of Steel in 3D was pointless, but more on that later). The Kent farm overlooking the fields was beautiful, and even the city as it was being destroyed was incredible. I think the art department and special effects really came together to create fantastic destructible sets. Mix that with Amir Mokri’s cinematography and you’ve got some outstanding looking shots. In hindsight, this is what deceived me into thinking Man of Steel was going to be a good movie.

Hey Lara, just woke up from my nap and…OH MY GOD!

My one complaint here is the Kryptonian spaceships. Its the same old ugly ship we’ve been seeing since Galaxy Quest. They could have done something new and unique but decided to pull their cruisers right out of Battleship.

Even I wouldn’t be caught dead in that.


The new suit was great, although I don’t understand why Jor-El would choose a different color scheme from anything you saw anyone wear on Krypton, but you really can’t expect logic from this movie. One great idea to come out of this was explaining Superman’s “S” symbol as a family crest. Every Kryptonian had their own suit emblazoned with their design. Kal-El’s just happened to look like the English letter “S” (Why does an alien race speak ‘Murican by the way?). I also don’t see why everything owned by Jor-El had to have an S on it.


Sure, Henry Cavill looked the part, but he really wasn’t a good actor. Especially having him do his 17 year-old angsty teen self made me giggle in embarrassment. Amy Adams is pretty meh, and you don’t really care about her or their relationship for that matter. Michael Shannon (General Zod) was pretty un-intimidating and I couldn’t get over how stupid his children’s haircut was. Russell Crowe (Jor-El) was THE WORST and should have been recast after the first day of shooting. I was happy when I thought we wouldn’t have to put up with him when Krypton blows, but lo and behold, he continues to haunt us as a hologram. Ayelet Zurer who plays his wife is also much too dramatic in all the wrong ways. Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent should have been good, but he was just kind of a dick. I also don’t understand why they insist on killing Jonathan to save a fucking dog from a tornado and why fucking SUPERMAN doesn’t just go and save him but instead watches from afar while giving us his best Darth Vader impersonation.

Diane Lane as Martha wasn’t bad.

Did you just insult my acting abilities?


Unless you can figure out a way I don’t have to wear glasses, this feature only has a few more years left in it. It darkens the screen and I can’t watch the non 3D parts (which is 90% of any movie) because the quality looks like shit without the guise of the glasses. Most movies start out strong in 3D and always fade into obscurity. Watching Jor-El ride his dragon around Krypton was about the only memorable 3D moment. Who needs to watch a close up of a conversation with the background slightly in a different plane of reference. I will say though George Clooney’s upcoming film Gravity looks spectacular in 3D and will probably be one of the few movies worth seeing this way. It literally had me nervous, a presence I’ve not felt since….


Holy shitballs, where do I even begin? Well, the beginning I guess. WHO FUCKING PUTS TERRORISTS IN A SHIP IN SUSPENDED ANIMATION WHEN YOUR WORLD IS BLOWING UP?! Oh, everything is coming to an end? How about we keep the bad guys alive and give them our only means of escape. And what happened to them being shot into a black hole? They just completely gave up on that aspect of their punishment. Shoot em in the head, come up with a different storyline. David Goyer, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself for writing this drivel. No one in a million years, no Neanderthal traversing prehistoric Earth would buy this as rational thought.

Can I also just say I fucking hate coincidence? It is hands down the worst way to explain a story, and this movie is riddled with it. Why is Lois Lane always where Clark is? Discover a ship for the first time? Oh, here I am. Government is meeting with extraterrestrial life in the desert? Look who it is! Superman flies across the city to defeat General Zod? Good thing Lois shows up just in the nick of time (and does nothing). Even as a nine-year-old saving a bus filled with children she happens to be there. After a while I started to think Lois is a figment of Clark’s imagination he can never escape from. Speaking of Lois…why did Colonel Hardy (from here on out known as Colonel Mo-mo) trust a random reporter with the location of a goddamn alien ship?! AND THEN SEND ONLY HER INTO IT. It just doesn’t make sense people. Zod and his goons should have pretended to be peaceful to trick Clark into giving them what they want, but instead immediately plays their trump card.

Come out with your hands up or we’ll blow your dick off!

Oh, and get this: as Zod is watching Lara shoot Kal-El into space he sits there and wines about how she can’t do it because Clark carries the only means to bringing back their race, and after she hits the go button, he then decides to pull out his Baraka blades and start fucking shit up. Come on man, not even two minutes ago you could have kept your mouth shut and just killed her, taken what you wanted and still had time to hit up Pinkberry on the way out.

This is the widest shot in the whole film.

Although very seldom, there was some good bits of this movie. Like Clark Kent learning to fly for the first time. Seeing him stumble and then realize he’s literally the second coming of Christ was something we’ve all dreamed of. Also the final showdown with Zod. Of any scene in this movie you should actually watch, it’s that one.


  • Okay fight sequences
  • Fantastic CG
  • Solid cinematography
  • Idiotic story progression
  • Bland character development
  • Bad acting

Best Line of the film: Mrs. Kent: “Nice suit, Clark.”

Worst Line of the film (three-way tie!):

Colonel Mo-mo: “He’s on our side.” Yeah, no shit.

Captain Keep-it-in-your-pants: “Well, he’s really hot” Very professional Captain, very professional.

General Zod: “Release the world engine!” If you had said Kraken, I may have taken you seriously.

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  • David Brooke

    You made me chuckle a few times. Also I agree on many of your points. I think I only disagree with your assessment of Henry Cavill. I thought he was really good he just didn’t have anything to say for 75% of the movie. Also he had man boobs.

    • DarthYan

      I enjoyed it. Zod as a tragic villain trying to save his world and fuck whatever it took was pretty interesting, since we can kind of see where he comes and even express sympathy with his aim (the only problem is that his plan will wipe out an entire sentient race. It makes Superman’s decision to save humanity a tougher choice.) Saving your race is admirable, but should it be built on the bones of other sentients. Also Lois wasn’t in the bus when clark was a kid. That was Lana Lang. Lois just started to run down leads (she flat out asks Pete Ross aka fat kid about the incident when she meets him). Lois didn’t bother me at all.

      • Damian Tobin

        Zod was not a tragic villain. What was so tragic about him?

        • Damian Tobin

          Was it the part where Zod says “I will find him!” that made you believe he was a great villain?

    • Yellow Belly

      I don’t think you know what man boobs are actually.

    • Damian Tobin

      I said the same thing. Cavil just has zero lines and just punches shit. That might have been ok if he was not supposed to be the main character, but when he is that becomes a problem. Lets make Superman Dark and brooding like Batman. Terrible.

      • Baron

        Damian you must make a lot of movies and have a lot of experience with how opinionated you are.

        • Damian Tobin

          It does not take alot of experience with movies to know a poor one when I see it.

          • D

            Damian, I agree with some of the stuff you said, but you need to stop.
            You just sound like a jaded d-bag.It was a fun movie with a fun story
            and and some decent action sequences. That’s what it was supposed to be.
            The movie did exactly what it set out to do.

          • My Name is TOBY

            Amen brother.

      • Ted Danson

        I actually feel bad for you. You are hell bent on pointing out all of these flaws, but it is a Superman movie. It is not supposed to be Oscar material. If you want people to respect your opinion, then respect theirs. Otherwise you just come across as a d-bag.

  • J.R. Richards

    Well I guess I’ll be the odd one out. I loved the movie and had a great time with it. I personally found the acting to perfectly fine, maybe with a bit of cheesy goodness from General Zod, but that’s it.

    • Damian Tobin

      The acting was unbelievably bad. What about the acting was fine? Lois was not a character, neither was Cavil or anybody else. All of them sucked in each of the roles given.

      • CJ777

        To say the acting was bad is just ridiculous, you obviously don’t have any understanding of film because most of the performances were great. I understand if people didn’t like this movie but to say that the acting was what was so bad about it is just laughable to me. You also keep saying that this is a dragon ball z movie as if it were a bad thing, dragon ball z is amazing and to say that you hated MOS because the action was like DBZ is one of the funniest thing I’ve ever heard because that’s what made the action awesome.

        • b-rad

          So weird, it’s almost like people have differing opinions on what makes something good.

  • Burnout

    Major-keep-it-in-your-pants? That line was spoken by a character outright referred to as Captain. I wouldn’t expect anyone to notice the Captain’s insignia on her uniform, but that is literally the only thing they call her in that film, and I counted them as saying it at least twice.

    • Michael Pursell

      Truef. Thanks for the correction. I couldn’t remember her title and imdb has her listed as Major.

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  • Christ

    I thought the Kryptonian S crest idea was really lame and contrived! In fact the whole idea that the supeman red and blue costume was somehow originated from this movie’s Krypton is just ridiculous. One man’s trash…

    • The Guy

      You’re obviously joking.

    • GaleKast84

      Wasn’t the Kryptonian S originally suggested by Marlon Brando in the first Superman film? I think its kind of become the accepted norm now.. Smallville did a similar thing, though the crest was slightly different in the beginning and only developed to the S later.. Personally I dont see the problem, it was explained and Lois Lane used the S to base the Superman name on… Makes sense to me…

  • daze

    why did I bother reading this shitty review
    this is the kind of biased writing that tells me nothing would satisfy the author unless a movie hits certain heart strings.

    reviewing might not be your thing, man.

    • Damian Tobin

      That is being unfair. This movie definitely was terrible even if the masses think it was great. The masses are wrong, the majority of the we love man of steel audiences were wrong. The majority is definitely wrong and cannot even recognize a badly made film anymore. It was an editing nightmare and the action becomes so boring it is reminiscent of Star Wars Episode 3’s 2hr lightsaber mega fast duel.

      • Jmar

        You’re one of those people who just can’t respect other people’s opinions. I’m guessing youre about 5′ tall with a Napoleon complex. Seriously, You’re just a negative little prick who has to be right. The masses are right you dip. If you can’t accept change then maybe you should just go back to your basement and watch the Donner movies on VHS, because they were soooooo much better.

        • scott

          The masses are wrong? What a ridiculous statement. Movies are subjective, there is no good or bad. If the “masses” loved it then good for them. If you didn’t, sucks for you.

    • Mark Johnson

      I got the same impression. Its all too common with comic book and novel-based movies for a number of “original source material” fans to throw full-on tantrums because the movie doesn’t fit their paradigm and expectations. Granted, I agree with the review on a few points: the acting was (some of the time) sub-par, Kevin Costner’s death being a little…. contrived, and Zod not being the most intimidating of characters, and a few other small things. Overall I’d say it was an enjoyable movie that had a fresh approach to Superman

      Also, this shit about Russell Crowe being one of the worst parts of the movie…. that is a fucking joke if I’ve ever heard one.

  • Fenail

    I guess I saw a different movie than you sir cause I found it quite well acted by Cavill, Crowe, and Shannon not to mention the awesomeness of Christopher Mulonni (SP). The revue you give is that of a jaded nerd who is close minded to the possibility of a good superman movie that no matter what is done with the franchise it will always suck and frankly that’s just sad. While you were too busy trying to find anything and everything you could remotely find wrong with the movie you missed out on the best interpretation of the Character ever done in a live format ( too all the Reeve superman die hards lets be honest superman 1 was decent and only the directors cut of 2 was truly good). Either way the Box office has spoken and sequels are on the way which I and the millions of others who enjoyed the movie enough to see it multiple time in theatres will look forward to optimistically

    • Damian Tobin

      You liked the explosions not the acting. Dragonball Z is what you watched live action. Not Superman. This has nothing to do with the original donnor film. The movie was just a wreck.

      • Victor Pleitez

        Well yeah it had nothing to do with the original donner film becasue it wasn’t trying to be, If you don’t like the film thats fine, I liked but it is a lot of flaws mainly the script, even though the dialouge didn’t have that much clever wit to it 70% of the time the actor did a good job with what they were given especially Cavil, Blame David S. Goyer for not delivering a good coherent script to go along with the seemingly interesting story written by him and Nolan which takes after good Superman stories like Birthright,all star superman and superman earth one. Props to Znyder for making film that really shows what superman is capable of, you compare the film with Dragon ball z but lets be honest, that show tends to borrow a lot from superman, don’t believe me watch the cartoons and read some of the more violent and franatic issues like death of superman. Goku is basically a japanese superman and this film showed us a good live action version of superman. Again Screw Goyer for giving us bland and semi average script, i recall it was his idea to have more collateral dmg by the of the film. If you don’t like it fine but to call it a wreck is just low, Superman 3, 4 and Green lantern maybe our taste for films are different but those films are my definations of Wreck.

        • Victor Pleitez

          My biggest disapointment is that Goyer is writting the second film:( Snyder is a pretty audacious Director but he needs to be paired with a good writer he has yet to acheive that lvl in his career where shouldn’t have to rely on a good script to work with.

          • Damian Tobin

            The writing is for certain a huge part of why Man of Steel as a film was a failure. Special effects are what people wanted to see not a story.

        • Damian Tobin

          First of all, Goku is a bit of a parody on Superman. There comes a point where the insane feats he pulls stops being cool and becomes flat out cartoonish. Enter man of steel.
          All star superman was a horrible storyline. Earth one was excellent and this movie borrowed more from that very well written story then anything original on it’s own.

          The movie was a wreck, that is not low. You cannot honestly tell me you thought over the top performances like “I will find him!” from Zod were just a little bid ridiculous to hear like nails on a chalkboard.

          Yes I think it is great how Superman snaps Zods neck. Yes he does it in the comics but in MOS it comes off as a comedy after he has smashed half the city killing millions before that even happens.

          Green lantern and man of steel belong in the same category. The difference is Man of Steel needed to be a hit so they crammed alot more into advertising it as being a hit before it was even shown.

          Do not tell me at any point in time the acting was “excellent”. This movie reminded me of the Star Wars prequels and Transformers revenge of the fallen. Only in this wierd alternate universe everyone is saying those films were amazing!

          Enter how I feel being surrounded by comments about how great Man of Steel was.

  • Scoop

    Comparing Snyder to M. Night? That’s a bit reaching. Actually, it’s a far reach.

    • Damian Tobin

      Not really. This film was edited by a monkey. The scary part is that audiences thought it was edited perfectly. Sad commentary on our American culture when movie goers go into man of steel acting like they just saw the most amazing acting ever.

    • Richie

      Only comparing in the broadest sense that they both are bad directors. Which is true.

  • Marcus Johnson

    That wasnt Lois on the bus it was Lana Lane

    • Damian Tobin

      Does it really matter? The whole movie was aweful!

    • Damian Tobin

      I wish Lois had been hit by a bus in the movie.

  • ManOfPeel

    I laughed all the way through this ‘review’. Someone has way too much time on their hands. Its a fantasy movie. Sometimes in fantasy things just dont work out as they would in the real world. get used to it. i’m sure some films you like have some ridiculous plot holes. RIDICULOUS ONES. or maybe you’re too anal and just like boring movies.

    • Damian Tobin

      It is ok for a movie to have plot holes, but when those holes stop being holes and start being black holes then it becomes a problem.

  • merwanor

    I loved this movie, it was exactly what I wanted from a Superman movie. Great acting, casting was perfect imo, only thing I found a bit bad about it was that it had a bit of a sporadic beginning, but got better after a while. It has some of the best super powered action I have ever seen and finally a true Superman who can do something else than just stand there looking serious. The last moments was powerful to watch, probably one of my favorite superhero movies ever.

    I think Snyder is one of the best directors, I like all his movies, even Sucker Punch that everyone seems to hate for some reason, I just think people did not understand it. Watchmen is my favorite super “hero” movie, and Man of Steel is in my top 5.

    But all are entitled to their opinion, to each their own I guess.

    • Damian Tobin

      All you liked it for were the huge explosions. The fact that you mentioned it in your comment tells me that your just one of many who thought this was great due to dragon ball Z fight scenes.

      Don’t you dare say the acting was great. The acting was a train wreck. Which part of Amy Adams and Henry Cavil being “together” made you believe these 2 people are in love?

      No the acting was not great. Total BS.

      • Jmar

        Do you say anything other than “Dragon Ball Z Live”? Instead, try saying this, “My name is Damian Tobin, and I’m a preachy little douche twat. I know everything about every movie ever made, because I made them all. I am God, bevause everyone else is wrong and I am right about things only I know about. I’m such a diptard everyone listen to my bullshit!” That’s what I hear you say When you talk.

      • merwanor

        I thought the acting by Michael Shannon was awesome as general Zod, for instance, he was really menacing when he spoke to Supermans real mother. Russel Crow did also do a great job as Jor-El, as did Kevin Costner as his father. And if Cavil gave Superman some emotion, the joy in his face when he tried flying for the first time, or the immense grief by his action at the end was powerful.

        And yes the action is what made the movie awesome to me, and I see nothing wrong in just wanting a good action movie from time to time. Not all movies should have deep stories and unrealistically poetic dialogue, at times you just want to go into a movie and see some amazing action.

        Stuff like this is all subjective, and I thought the actors did a great job, I was sold on the whole movie. If you did not, then I feel sorry for you, as it is your loss, not mine.

        • Dman

          Look, Michael Shannon comes off as trying to hard. The female kryptonian comes off as an actual villain. Shannon’s Zod is not really all that evil. He is just boring.

          Yes and that is all that it was, an action film. Their was no acting involved in this film, the problem is that it’s an action film, but it’s also trying to be a drama and it fails at that mizerably as I am sure you will agree. Amy Adams character popping up in every scene just to have crap explained to the audience is just plain silly.

          This is subjective but really it was just an immensly poor film. His immense grief over killing Zod is out of place with the cartoonish fight scenes where millions of people are wasted before it.

          What you fail to understand, is all that action drowns out the characters and everything else in this movie. Hence why the film is a flop.

          • merwanor

            Zod not evil?…. He seems to have no problem in committing genocide on the whole human population by terraforming the planet.

            Let us just agree to disagree, it is not a flop for me or any of my friends who loved it. It did not fail at the drama for me, it was short but effective to me. It also did well at the box office to, so it is not a flop financially either, as a sequel is already underway.

  • fugu42

    Man I wish I could get back the 2 minutes I wasted reading the beginning of this review. If I were to give this review a review, it would basically be about how awful this review was written. Not the opinion, the fact that the author thought he wrote a well thought out review.

    And Man of Steel was great. Seen it twice.

    • Damian Tobin

      man of steel sucked. You just liked Dragonball Z live action.

      • Damian Tobin

        I feel sorry for you if you paid twice to watch Zod say “I will find him!”

  • Rob

    LOL you are so thick you couldn’t grasp the plot of a popcorn movie OMFG LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • Damian Tobin

    This review was excellent. The movie was terrible. The audiences liked it,
    but that is because audiences do not like characters with depth.

    Zod was hilariously B-rated for a villain. Boring and not the least bit scary.

    Lois was not even a character.

    All Cavil does is hit stuff. He too is stale.

    People who liked the movie certainly cannot say the acting was spot on, in order for actors to act their have to be characters. There were no characters in this film so no acting took place.

    Johnathon Kent “should I have let them die daddy?” “I dunnu maybe!” Great moral guidance dad. Your a real role model for our hero when you get killed by a tornado saving a dog.

    So freaking stupid. The sad part is reading all these comments that thought this movie was just so darn amazing. What the heck is wrong with our culture when movies this bad are called great?

  • Fabio

    It’s easy to shoot a movie down since you had absolutely no effort on making it… “WHO FUCKING PUTS TERRORISTS IN A SHIP IN SUSPENDED ANIMATION WHEN YOUR WORLD IS BLOWING UP?!” The council did not believed that krypton was doomed, if you remember… You should pay more attention to what you see if you’re going to write a review. Douche…

    • Damian Tobin

      It is easy to shoot a movie down my friend when the writing is horrible, the continuity of the story is all over the place, and the action surpasses the focus of the film which should be the characters in the story.

  • Damian Tobin

    I read post after post about how this review has it all wrong and this was a good movie. This movie was the emperor wearing no clothes. If I came out and told everyone in droves how great Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was horrible (which it was obviously bad) nobody here would care. It was obvious.

    Once again it was obvious Man of Steel was a horrible movie (OBVIOUSLY) bad. It’s not like it is controversial thing to say, both Revenge of the Fallen and Man of Steel are exactly the same kind of film. Lots of action and zero characters. So why the uproar about what we all know in our hearts is the truth? Man of steel was horrible.

    That is not my opinion anymore then Revenge of the Fallen was a bad movie also. People just liked the big explosions but it will not be remembered for anything other then that. The characters had zero depth and man of steel lovers know that.

  • Aren Drake

    Honestly I think in order for a good review for movies such as Man of Steel, which has a huge history spanning over 70 years or more, the writer of the review must first thoroughly research the facts and the history behind the character.
    For one thing a reviewer must have an overall view of the movie. He shouldn’t nitpick for the sake of nitpicking. Man of Steel is a movie about an alien who get sent to Earth, gains amazing superhuman abilities through our sun, and defeats a alien general bent on taking over the world; I think logic can be excused in certain areas of the story.

    – There are certain runic symbols that can be similar to letters in our alphabet but have different meanings. In the same way the family crest of El can resemble an Earth “S”. And the “S” is a family crest, meaning that their familial line has spawned centuries, so it will logically make many appearances.

    – The reason the council didn’t execute them straight was because it is like the court, sometimes the judge’s verdict is not the desired outcome. The punishment was “psychosomatic reconditioning” meaning that during that suspended animation they were being retrained mentally. Compare it to real life rehabilitation.

    – The people of Krypton did not believe Jor-El when he said that Krypton was going to be destroyed and were unprepared. Imagine evacuating a whole planet, quite an endeavour.

    -That portal that Zod’s ship went in was called the Phantom Zone. So since the outer portal was destroyed along with Krypton, it could mean that whatever that travelled through the portal is now being ejected back out to its original position, which was the destroyed

    – The girl on the bus was not Lois Lane, it was Lana Lang. In the comics and the canon, she is a childhood friend of Clark. Don’t you think when Lois saw Clark when he rescued her in the Artic, she would have gone straight to Smallville instead of investigating
    around the world??

    – Colonel Hardy (or Colonel Mo-mo as you have so graciously called him) originally did not want to have Lois Lane near the ship. But the higher authorities vetoed his decision and she was allowed to come. Later after she saw the ship, the government refuse to
    acknowledge there was such a thing. And when she got into the ship, logically Colonel
    Hardy would rather sacrifice one human instead of a full invasion of Earth.

    If you want to insult the writing of the film at least get your facts right. There
    are certain parts of the review I agree with you about, such as coincidences and wrong timing of certain events that could have happened earlier. But for the most part I think the review was very biased and not very objective. If you are truly an “avid” comic book reader, my advice to you: read more comics.

    • Jason Tadd Jackson

      I like this twice

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Amen! Man of Steel… People loved it because it was action & cgi packed with no good back story .. The same reasons the same people (mostly) hated Star Trek… figures… I have no shame in saying I hated this Superman as much as the Superman Returns..

    The one good thing about Superman Returns was that at least Singer made us truly believe that Routh could fly. The effects were amazing. The story .. not so much..

    In Man of Steel.. The CGI were over compensating the shitty idiotic story lines and all you could really believe is that CGI can really make a little cartoon Superman look a little better than an Anime movie. Only one scene makes you think he can fly and that’s the low level hovering he does after he gets hit to the ground.. He gently floats himself off the ground without damaging anything.. 20 minutes later “Lois back away.. really.. back away…” and does his “I destroy shit when I take off” routine.. WTF?

    The whole “The gravity affects you differently” line does NOT explain to him that he could fly. All Jor-El does is “Hey.. gravity here is deifferent.. ” the only thing that could come to mind his “Yeah.. I know.. I’ve been running like a 100 fucking miles a seconds since I was 10 years old, so I also learned how to jump really really far dad.. thanks..” then he jumps.. jumps.. jumps.. (DOES NOT TRY TO FLY!!) jumps. hits a mountain.. hits the ground.. Suddenly… “Wait a minute I’ll just try to fly now since this is getting fucking ridiculous..” and does it..


    They should have just copied Byrne’s Man of Steel series and upped it a little bit for 2013 since they ripped off some of the concepts and ideas behind it anyway.. At least they would’ve gotten something coherent…

  • Rob

    This is the “After Earth” of movie reviews. MOS was awesome. You obviously wanted to hate the movie, mission accomplished.

  • furious_steve

    Oh dear, you are a terrible writer, pal.

  • alx3

    How can you claim to be a movie buff and dislike this film so much? It was well worth the price of admission for me. I go to the movies to be entertained, not to analyze everything about a movie. Sure a lot of things didn’t make sense. But I have come to expect this out of todays movie writers.

  • xXxPeterxXxGriffanxXxXxXxXxXxX


  • nope

    who cares what you people think it was a good movie i liked it better than all the superman movies i guess u the same people who think green lantern,ghost rider or superman returns were good movies i will pay to see it again and again so guess what no matter what u negative people say about it you cant stop the people who love the film from going to see it and trust me its way more of us than you

  • When I read reviews like this I like to try and understand what self proclaimed “avid” comic book fans – or fan, singular, is thinking.

    In truth, I respect you didn’t like this movie. Not everyone will…but there are 6.5 billion of us, and of that population, there will be a large number of people that will simply love this movie (in the millions). Of those movie goers, a specific chunk will be general fans of Superman…That’s normal. Even smaller within that subgroup will be the hardcore Superman fans (like me)…the ones that collect the comics…I don’t mean the general comics, I mean a large amount of Action Comics going back as far into Golden Age as my wife has allowed me to splurge…the kind of fan that goes to http://www.ha.com to buy as many Action Comic Lots as I can get my greedy comic-book-nerd hands on to capture a piece of one of my favorite comic book heroes.

    I look at this film and I can see some issues from a comic book concept, but I also look at this film as re-imagining the mythos, the origins, the relationship.

    I see plot points that allow for the film to move forward quickly. while I can agree that perhaps there was a giant hole in the script from the beginning origins arc to the present (which feels like a jump in the film) that needs more exploring.

    I don’t think we have too many issues there. It feels like Snyder consciously stated to the audience…”Ok, i’m done with the origin, are you satisfied? You understand he came from Krypton, you got some background from his planet, his people…you understand he was raised by these amazing people…on a farm, he struggled with his powers, yada yada yada…ok, enough? we good? ok! …here we go with the movie part of this film”

    I respect that.

    I also respect that we get a proper relationship setup for him and Lois…Something that always bothered me in the Comics…She is so good at her job, this is how her relationship to Superman should have always been…immediate recognition of what he is, who he is…

    I can agree I didn’t want as much of Jor-El, and would have liked to have kept him a minor character – but I can understand why he was important. I also love what was done with Zod. A lot of “so-called” comic book fans presume to understand what is going on with Zod…Most don’t.

    There are a few tidbits in the film that display his character, his purpose.

    The moment Clark crashed into the ship, Zod immediately calls out for the protection of his race…not anger or rage. But don’t destroy this ship or you kill our people. He wasn’t a dictator as we saw in the Donner films. He was specifically grown to lead the armies to protect Krypton…Even from themselves. Its a characterization of “Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious”.

    The need to kill him in the film was absolutely necessary, and the role reversal in the film was intentional. You feel for Zod, because in his eyes, Clark just destroyed any hope for Kryptons Survival.

    The casting choices were excellent, and the acting was on par for what this movie is. This isn’t a film intended for Oscar gold, it is a comic book film done in a blockbuster setting. The acting was good despite the general concept this type of film is supposed to be.

    Too many comic book fans are holding on to the past for something that makes no sense. But even most comic book fans will love, absolutely love, this film, because it displays grandeur, and an epicness to the character…the symbolism of the character, and gives us a realistic concept for a person that is simply a being dealing with his situation; not some perfect idealistic Christ-like archetype as most people see him…

    If you can turn off your inner insane comic-book fan (I have one too) – there is no reason to dislike this movie…unless you have unrealistic needs for this film to fulfill…I’ve been reading some of your reviews tonight (first time on this site, finding it through zergnet) not sure I like much of what i’m reading, it’s completely biased.

    No objectivity – Dude, I can understand if there is a film that is universally looked at (as a whole) as a turd…*cough*Batman and Robin*Cough* (first one that popped into my mind) but more and more of your articles sound like an angry kid complaining to his friends that his mom is an evil bitch for giving him structure and rules…as opposed to understanding why he has structure and rules, in order to appear like some cool rebel to said friends you are complaining to.

    Chill my friend, go back, re-watch the film, and enjoy it, take off the microscope vision.

    If that is not possible, I’m not sure Reviewing is your thing dude.

  • Damon

    Dude youre an absolute idiot. So many of your “problems” with this movie are explained or have a reason behind them in the movie. Watch it a second time before you get butthurt about the movie not being perfect. And stop complaining about 3d glasses, no one fucking likes them and theyre not going anywhere so get used to it. You must be fucking retarded to say that 3d is a feature that only has a few years left in it, if they can charge you more money theyre not going to stop doing it hence 3d tv’s