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Is It Good? Avengers #14 Review

Infinity is at Avengers’ door now. Just this prelude (three frickin’ issues mind you) and we can finally begin the main event. Can this prelude finally be what kicks this comic into a high gear? Is it good?

Avengers #14 (Marvel Comics)

The world has gone to crap as these mysterious pulses keep throwing off most of the planet’s electrical grids all over and it seems to be related to the Origin Bomb sites or something like that. With all of this chaos, the Avengers are stepping up to actually try to solve these problems and save citizens. You know, actual hero stuff for once as Bruce Banner tries to find out where all these issues are coming from.

Also, these things exist now. I have no words.

Now here’s a gigantic shocker for you all: This comic… wasn’t actually too bad. Yeah, that surprises me too and I think I know why. It’s simply because it feels like things are actually happening. There is mass chaos and craziness across the globe and it feels like it (sort of since we do not see much of it). The Avengers are all over trying to solve as many problems as they can (though I have no clue as to why they aren’t calling in other heroes to step in for extra help if everything is so problematic). They are figuring things out instead of guessing and reaching no conclusions like in previous issues. Yes indeed, things are happening for once.

However, it’s got some problems regardless of the improvements. Decompression is still killing and padding this comic out. Did we seriously need five pages dedicated to the square/multiple faces guys and roaches? Couldn’t you sum all of that up in like two pages and with smaller panels? Still could have gotten the same effect and expanded more on all this global chaos. Same with the “signal received” pages later on. Could’ve summed that up in a page as well. Then you got lackluster action and the dialogue continuing to be forgettable, though at least sounding a bit more urgent this time around.

Except for her. Though I think that’s because she’s talking in her sleep.

Art wise, it’s kind of like the rest of the series so far. Never particularly exciting or incredible, but nothing really bad either. Everyone’s drawn fine, the world’s drawn fine, and the creatures are drawn… uniquely. Outside of maybe a hiccup or two, like the stale action I mentioned, nothing bad at all. Maybe that’s one of this comic’s greatest sins though, its art is never really spectacular or rarely does anything incredibly looking. This series is not something you would be buying for the art.

I love how there’s a purplish tint in this room on everything, but Captain America’s bright armor.


  • Hey, things feel like they are happening!
  • The Avengers actually feel like superheroes in this comic.
  • Works very well a prelude to a bigger event.
  • Decompression is still bad as hell, if not more blatant than usual.
  • Dialogue is still boring and forgettable.
  • The action is bland.

Is It Good?

Eh. It’s definitely better than pretty much almost every single issue of the run so far and it does feel like prelude to something bigger. It does that well and it really has been the closest issue to feeling like an actual Avengers comic instead of something else entirely. However, it’s not particularly good either, with its faults. Best to buy this later at a much cheaper price or just wait until a trade comes out.



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