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Is It Good? Justice League #21 Review

More than a year later, the Shazam story is finally coming to an end in Justice League. Does it go out with a bang or a whimper? More importantly, is it good?

Justice League #21 (DC Comics)

Black Atom has Billy’s foster family and is threatening to kill them all unless Billy gives him his powers. Meanwhile, the Seven Deadly Sins seek out the most rotten man in the city and possess him, turning him into a monster that starts wreaking havoc all over the city. With little options left, what is Billy going to have to do stop all of this madness?

Quite simply, this was an utterly fantastic way to end this storyline. It may have taken a long time to do so (maybe too long at some points), but it was well worth the wait. The character stuff, the surprises (which I will not spoil in the slightest), the revelations, the action, the humor and dialogue, and the ending were all so good. It leaves you wanting more and excited to see the future (which maybe a series that has yet to be announced at the time of this review).

The artwork done by Gary Frank was great as usual. The characters looked great, the action was stellar and exciting, the full page or double page spreads were beautiful, and the colors were gorgeous. However, the personal highlight was the character expressions. Outside the rare odd or creepy smile or stare, the expressions are very different and so a great wide range of feelings and emotions.

His lighting is so pretty when it zaps people.


  • The ending comes together incredibly well.
  • Lots of great elements, surprises, and twists to get you excited.
  • The artwork from the characters to the action is just beautiful.
  • Took a bit too long to get here.
  • An occasional odd facial expression.

Is It Good?

It is without a single doubt in my mind. While I did not go into much detail about the issue (way too many spoilers like Green Lantern #20), if you have been enjoying this story up until now, prepare to have all of your wants and desires met. This issue delivers on everything and still leaves you hungry for more.




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